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Cloud computing and digital transformation


For almost 10 years now, Cloud Computing has become a common word for all the people working in the IT industry. Looking back at the growth this activity has registered, we can surely confirm its progress. Nevertheless, the Eldorado promised by analysts is most certainly not here yet. What are the main restraints? What about perspectives?

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Forced outsourcing

Rarely in the IT outsourcing history has an operation been so “forced” as Cloud Computing. Cost reduction, shadow IT decrease, robustness, pay for use, reinforced security… All the arguments were in favor of a massive participation, minus the market. This didn’t work for many reasons, making the Big Bang impossible. The instinctual reaction is: “If you force me, I counter”. And the inevitable question is why change an IT world that already works? Only when the equipment (or the infrastructure) reaches the end of its life cycle will I change something.

Changing your infrastructure can be enlightening. You can do a study for a perfect infrastructure but this is an investment (legacy). Or better yet, choose a cloud operator based on infrastructure usage. Legacy or not?

Fear for security

The eternal obstacle. Is infrastructure secure? Can I really trust my provider(s)? This is the main outsourcing principle (cloud or other type of outsourcing): there must be trust. Trust is earned, then reinforced, but it must always be strong.

It’s of course possible to select one’s provider based on certifications obtained by the cloud operator, but too many requirements will impact the costs. One must select their operator for the needed services and for a higher quality level to maintain a reasonable budget, growth abilities and avoid that these new requirements become constraints.

We must especially overcome this psychological barrier by leveraging on this indispensable yet not blind trust.

Companies’ digital transformation

Those launching out in a digital transformation of the company (purposely or inadvertently) realize that it is not necessarily an immediate synonym of technology. This transformation must first correspond to the company’s adaptation to new practices: clients change, collaborators change, consumption modes change and implicitly, companies changes. The Company, even of small size, will thus join this run for change. Looking at this change from a technological point of view is the worst shortcut that will constrain (this is not the initial goal, however) the company as the teams are not ready for these changes. Innovation, one of the consequences of a changing culture, is of course an important line allowing a strong adaptive capacity.

Technology and cloud computing will thus become a very beautiful toolbox to quickly create progress and innovation paths.

Frugal innovation

Revolutionary innovation that crushes competition and is expensive to the limit of professional fantasy is not an illusion. Of course, innovation does not have to be considered as such. It targets practices, products, services, financial models, etc. It can originate from other fields and adapt to yours. You should mainly target the innovations bringing new values to your clients, collaborators and providers. This Lean Startup mindset.

This being said, you need a step-by-step experimenting approach. Many will be those innovations demanding IT resources (application, storage, share…). It is therefore convenient to advance really quickly, without investments and with means proportional to the expected value. Cloud computing and its consumer services (pay-as-you-go), available software services (SaaS), execution platforms (PaaS) and infrastructure services (IaaS) will allow a quick experiment validation in order to win new competitive advantages.

Without too much technophilia and based on this ultimate digital transformation approach, Cloud Computing can rightfully gain back some territory and for a superior value contribution.

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