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Data security: why does Pentalog prefer private clouds?

Pierre Peutin
Pierre Peutin
Chief Data Officer and Accounting / Financial IT Systems Consultant

Another news brief on the theft of confidential data on a general public website! Yesterday, the press published the story of the stealing of 24 million banking data from Sony… This figure sends chills up my back and makes me wonder how our personal information is processed.With the emergence of applications running in SaaS mode in cloud environments, we need to show more concern as to how and where our data are stored, especially as solution developers. There are several more or less intricate solutions to this problem. First of all, data anonymization, which consists in implementing a system that encrypts and anonymizes the data as soon as they are entered into the company databases. Thanks to a coding/decoding system, it is possible to handle only decorrelated information on the network. Another solution is to resort to a service provider who makes a commitment and guarantees the location and security of the data that they have to process.Generally speaking, the processes of implementing a data anonymization system are quite slow and complex, as they require the deployment of an internal coding and encrypting process. This is why it may be more convenient to choose a private cloud. Nevertheless, the service provider needs to have his infrastructure entirely under control in order to be able to make a commitment!It is by analyzing this type of problems that Pentalog, through its Cloud computing offer, can propose to its customers the setting up of private clouds which are hosted in its two data centers in Paris and Bucharest. By adopting a policy of internalization and of internal management of all its applications, paying particular attention to security matters (access to premises, access to network and resources, information sharing etc.), Pentalog can make a contractual commitment in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your data. This is a considerable advantage in relation to our competitors who generally disregard this aspect which, in my opinion, is essential in this context of virtual computing.I will undoubtedly go through more details on these elements which are vital in choosing a cloud computing service provider when we launch our new Cloud Computing offer this summer.

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