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A Workshop to Improve the Quality of Foreign Language Training

Foreign Language Department Manager, French Language Teacher

To support our continuous learning and improvement initiatives, between the 9th – the 10th of November, 2018, the foreign language teachers from Pentalog Romania and Chisinau took part in a workshop held in Iasi. On this occasion, the teachers worked intensively on enhancing foreign language training and enriching the teaching experience in English and French.

The main focus of the workshop was to further increase the efficiency of our teachers’ methods and better adapt them to client expectations in terms of collaboration and ease of communication with Pentalog development teams.

foreign language training

Interaction and communication were the key components of the teachers’ brainstorming sessions.

New Milestones for Corporate Foreign Language Training

The workshop was highly interactive, all the participants had the opportunity to share experiences, good practices and ideas. Teachers got involved enthusiastically during the entire session, each contributing with their rich know-how to diversify our foreign language teaching strategy.

After a very fruitful brainstorming – full of ideas and proposals – here are the main lines of improvement established:

  • Revising the foreign language tests, designed according to European standards and implemented with SkillValue (Pentalog Group).
  • Improving the learning plan, which will include more specialized vocabulary, covering the entire spectrum of skills clients may require: speaking, reading, listening and writing.
  • Upgrading the courses, by adding multiple grammatical exercises as well as written and oral expression exercises. This will allow teachers to develop language skills aimed at improving the communication with clients.

An Overview of our Investment in Foreign Language Training

Investing in improving the foreign language skills of our people has been one of our foremost concerns since the opening of our first outsourcing unit. It all started in 2000 with hiring a French language teacher in Brasov, Romania, and then gradually extending our courses to all locations. Currently, besides regular IT training, every Pentalog delivery center provides free English and French courses to its teams.

Today, the teachers’ team counts 11 members, all of them having vast experience in language teaching for adults. Owing to their commitment over the years, we are now proud to be able to foster custom learning paths which successfully respond to requirements coming from both our clients and our teams.

language training

It takes a cohesive unit to build value, and our teachers’ team is a perfect illustration. They have always been investing all their skills into finding better ways to provide efficient foreign language training.

The teachers use modern, interactive techniques intended to stimulate oral and written communication in real-life situations. General language learning is approached from a business perspective, allowing participants to develop readily applicable know-how.

They place great emphasis on the learners’ involvement into the studying process. They identify their interests and needs to ensure that the learning experience is customized accordingly.

This is an overview of our achievements in terms of foreign language training activities:

  • At least one full-time teacher per language (English and French) in every delivery center. They come up with custom learning paths ranging from 1 to 5 classes per week, adjusted to the participants’ learning goals.
  • A total of 2082 man days already delivered, from January until September 2018. 208 people have been trained in English, and 310 in French since the beginning of this year.
  • 60% of our teams are currently involved in foreign language courses.
  • 100% coverage in English language. The average English language level is currently B2 and half of our employees already have a proficient language level (C1 and C2).
  • 70% coverage in French language. 3/4 of our employees have French language skills (all levels included, from beginner to advanced), out of whom 55% already have enough language skills to join a French-speaking team.

Next steps

In the context of a globally expanding demand for remote collaborations and outsourcing partnerships, while also looking back at our teaching activities and their outcomes, the conclusion of this workshop is clear and new goals have been set.

Our teachers’ main focus in terms of foreign language training will be directed towards applying assessment and teaching methods to further enhance the learners’ interest and performance in international languages, such as English and French, as well as providing customized learning experiences that efficiently respond to real-life communication needs.


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