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Travel Through Time Abord the Pentalog Platform. Growth Hacking and Figures from 2017-2020

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

The Pentalog platform is about growth hacking on an exponential scale. Need a team of 10 Python developers? You can start a team in as little as a 2 weeks’ time and have it ramped up and fully staffed in a maximum of 6. You want to sell your product in the US? The Pentalog Growth Factory offers its digital marketing expertise and 300 content journalists as well as its audience, content and automation strategies in Paris or on Broadway. Or maybe you need a team on your own premises? SkillValue recruits 500 developers/year. You can even choose to set up your own business unit in Romania or Vietnam. The Pentalog Software Factory can make this a reality in only 6 months, transfer included. Ask us for whatever you need and get it fast.


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Earlier this month on Facebook I promised an update on the Pentalog platform’s market to keep you up to date on the figures for 2017 while making some predictions for 2020. To be transparent, I will present the sales figures registered by all our brands.

Also, to pitch the platform, I will put myself into the shoes of a potential client that has just heard about our company. The Pentalog Growth Factory helps you design both your product (features, UI/UX) and its marketing strategy. At the same time The Pentalog Software Factory develops, maintains, supports and supervises your project in the cloud 24/7, in the best quality and cost ratio conditions. Then the Pentalog Growth Factory comes back into play again to work on the marketing side via its audience, content and automation strategies. In addition, Pentalabbs can help you finance your project while SkillValue can assist you in recruiting your own team.

How does it work in 2017?

Pentalog’s growth hacking engine manages the two key elements of a market: supply and demand.
SkillValue manages the supply of talent that will fuel global digitization. Over 1% of the world coders’s have self-assessed themselves on our robots and almost 2% of them (meaning 400 000 people) have registered on our platforms. This figure is astonishing and places us among the top three IT skills assessment startups in the world. This huge labor force is made available to the market via our different business models.

As far as the demand for digital services is concerned, Pentalog, SkillValue, Yourshore and Pentalabbs have designed marketing processes involving over 300 000 IT decision-makers worldwide (from e-mail opt-in and social networks). If we also count our developers working in the IT sector, we have close to 700 000 specialists worldwide connected to at least one marketing support (newsletters, blogs, social networks, tester robots, etc.). These increasingly automated business machines are the engines that will drive us into a durable future.

Let’s look into our figures in-depth. The Pentalog digital platform’s brands will invoice their services to 20-25 countries this year. They will generate a sales growth of 33-45%, which exceeds €10M to reach a total sales figure of about €40M. We’re not afraid of transparency 🙂

The Pentalog Software Factory will work with more than 200 companies this year (especially startups, grownups and new leaders, but also a growing number of big caps). In total, the PSF will have worked with 700 clients worldwide, 350 of which have been served in the last 3 years. Among them are German, British and American companies both small and large. 90% of our clients have committed to at least 2 of our business models, 50% to 3, 10% to 4 and the other 40% to several BMs. We have also invested in 25 US and European startups so far.

2017 sales figures

– The Pentalog Growth Factory delivers 350 million customer journeys leading to free of charge transactions (downloads, free trials, etc.)
– We are developing software, €4B ecommerce flows, meaning 20M paid transactions
– Our pool of 1000 Pentaguys are available to our clients
– The Pentalabbs program has invested close to €5M into our clients’ startups
– Between 70 000 and 100 000 skills assessment tests will be passed through SkillValue in 2017
– SkillValue will recruit 500 engineers

2020 sales figures

To be frank, I would love for our sales figure to reach €100M, for the platform to become an enormous Business Robot under the control of our brilliant Pentaguys, for us to become 2 000 employees, fund 50 startups for €10M, for SkillValue to test more than 1M guys and recruit over 1 000 people per year, for our clients to generate an online sales figure of €15B and for us to be automated from head to toe… while continuing to expand everywhere in this world. We would also like to have sold our services in 35 countries. That would be awesome 🙂

This is how I see the Pentalog Platform in 2020 or at least what I dream for us by 2020. I know that I am often a dreamer and that life can lay even the most carefully laid plans to waste, especially when you are so sure about your plan and when things are going so well. So let’s keep focusing on how we can best assist our clients, 50% of whom we have acquired through recommendations and who are our main means of growth 🙂

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