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Pentalog Vietnam marks the 10-year Anniversary: A Journey Through the Decade of Constant Improvement

Tuong Nguyen Manh
Tuong Nguyen Manh
Customer Success Manager

As time rushes by, we have a unique possibility to reflect on what has been achieved. We reached the moment when we can look back at how we addressed all peaks and valleys during this period.

First, it is hard to believe it has been 10 years since the establishment of Pentalog in Hanoi. For me, it is enough to take a quick glance at our vibrant office to realize how excited I am to see what comes our way in the nearest future.

Without knowledge of the past, as they say, there is no future. Each one of my colleagues dedicated a lot effort for us to get to this point, and now it is the right time to celebrate all these years that Pentalog teams from Vietnam have spent alongside our clients.

A trip down the memory lane of Pentalog Vietnam!

When your team is full of enthusiasm and ready to devote themselves to the common goal, together you can take on any challenge.

The creation of Pentalog Vietnam took place during 2008-2009. The first office was quite simple, but my colleagues transformed it into a special workplace with their optimism, enthusiasm and high level of responsibility. Our journey has started with the help of only 10 people working in the office.

pentalog vietnam

A great team, a clear plan, and engaged management – key factors that inspired us every day to strive for the best results.

Setting up clear working processes helped us a lot to start the implementation of our first projects right from the start.

pentalog vietnam - management

Right from the beginning, we felt the full support of the Pentalog group’s management. It was a delight to welcome them here in Vietnam.

Work hard, learn on the fly – the only way to gain clients’ trust

In 2010 our office caught the attention of many clients, as a result, our developers started working on a range of new projects.

pentalog vietnam - team

Team size quickly went up from 10 to around 40 people due to this high demand

The same year, Pentalogians from Vietnam paid their first visits to some of our clients. Also, we committed to starting collaborations with our local partners and universities with IT profiles.

The next time we knew, we had already reached 50 employees by 2011. In the meantime, we improved our work environment and spiced up cultural life in the office.

pentalog vietnam - employees

Joyful team vacations and collective trips definitely contributed to uniting all employees.

When the World Economic crisis struck, Pentalog Vietnam had to face staff reduction, a painful but required measure. This unfortunate reduction did not affect the quality of the delivered products. The team continued to strictly follow the rules and respect all procedures. The tough moments like this form a strong bond within the team rather than divide us.

pentalog vietnam - team members

Thanks to the encouragement from the management board, which resulted in staff’s devotion, all team members were holding their heads high and have never stopped contributing to the company’s growth.

solution-oriented mindset

Because of our solution-oriented mindset, all hardships, we as a team had to face, were temporary.

The following year was associated with the beginning of a new development cycle. This time, the recruitment of talented qualified individuals was the number one priority. Also, the administration made sure healthcare was accessible to each employee of Pentalog Hanoi.

From 2014 to this day has been a remarkable period for our office :

  • many big projects

  • business trips & onsite travels to clients

  • strong & stable growth of Pentalog Vietnam

  • clients visiting us to establish a collaboration

  • and just for fun, we organized various sports activities & parties


We keep our English & French skills sharp thanks to the internal courses

  • Pentalog Vietnam parties hard and works even harder

pentalog vietnam - projects

Vietnamese Delivery Center opened up a range of new opportunities for young developers in 2018, making it possible for them to join different projects: ReactJS, VueJS, Ruby on Rails, Django, Python, Kotlin, Swift, etc.

The same year, we reduced the gap smaller between our male and female employees because of the expansion.

Pentalog Vietnam: “Thank you” to yesterday and “Hello “ to tomorrow

With bright smiles on their faces our Vietnam employees have never stopped to evolve, so here are our results:

  • remarkable improvement of the delivered product’s quality and operational process

  • promotion of the Pentalog’s brand image on the local IT market starting with 2018

  • active recruitment activity

  • a strong and solid base of 90 skilled professionals

  • continuous learning on technologies and agile methodologies

  • regular workshop events such as Pentabar, knowledge-sharing activities with IT universities

  • the willingness of our clients to visit the Delivery Center and meet their teams

pentalog vietnam - 10 years

We would like to thank all of you, those who used to work here and will become part of the PENTALOG family later. We hope to continue seeing your faces and enjoy together the Pentalog’s evolution. YOU NEEDS US, WE ALWAYS NEED YOU and ALWAYS WELCOME YOU!



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