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Pentalog offers emergency anti-crisis measures to its customers – up to 60% off the price of dev!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

In this period of COVID-19 crisis, we have all come to understand three indisputable truths:

  • The alert is on again, and will fall heavily throughout the fall/winter of 2020-2021.
  • The economic downturn at the end of the year will be severe.
  • Companies can only resist through technological and digital solutions.

Pentalog has therefore decided to put in place a series of measures that will allow companies to speed up their digital initiative, while reducing costs. My simple goals:

  • Reduce IT outsourcing risk-taking by making the first months of service free.
  • Guarantee long-term savings of 30% to 60% in dev outsourcing teams and RUN (operations) teams, with developers and DevOps in Eastern Europe and Vietnam – in the TOP 3% worldwide.
  • Facilitate and reduce the cost of intervention for our designers.

Here then, you will find all the proposals that our company (which supports many world leaders in France, Europe and the States) is putting in place.

IT Outsourcing

You will have the choice between two offerings in full dev team services:

  1. For six weeks, reduce your IT outsourcing risk-taking to zero. During that time, for any team of more than two people hired for more than one year, you will not be billed. At all! This option is particularly suited if you have never taken the plunge into nearshore. It gives you access to the best pool of talent in the world, and permanently lowers your costs by 25% to 50%. We pick up six full weeks of effort for the entire team. (Valid from 20 July to 31 August.)
  2. Otherwise, for any commitment of more than two people for at least 18 months, you can take advantage of a 15% reduction on our entire IT outsourcing service catalog for a year and a half. (Valid from 20 July to 31 August.)

If your needs are limited to a single full-time developer, we’re offering a 15% discount on our catalog rate for three months, for any contract of six months or more. (Valid from 20 July to 31 August.)


We’re also thinking about the measures we want to put in place on our SkillValue Freelance platform.

A lot of freelancers have been suffering recently. We want to set up a freelance test / credit to support start-ups for all new SkillValue freelance customers – for all our freelancers, in all geographic areas. This credit will be valid on all solid commitments of more than three months of service. SkillValue will support one week of service delivery at launch – a sum that corresponds to the bulk of our margin over the minimum period. We will test it between 20 July and 31 August.

Design and Growth services

In design and growth (growth-oriented design services), we’re offering a week of testing our UX / UI designers (based in New York and Lyon, France). In this way, we’re aiming to help you finalize your innovations, completing or generalizing your System Design. This might be the richest period of all time in innovation – seriously! Don’t miss out!

If you’re already a SkillValue customer and you’d like to try outsourcing…?

If you’re a SkillValue customer who would like to start IT outsourcing, we’re thinking of you! You can benefit from a 12% reduction on the group’s outsourcing services for one year. Alternatively, take advantage of a free three-month test! (Valid until 31 August, for teams of more than two people for one year.)

Since I know something about how people talk, I also understand that we’re going to be accused of either taking advantage of this moment in time, or of being ‘up against it’ – in trouble. It is of course the duty of every entrepreneur to take advantage of every opportunity, but frankly, we’re not ‘up against’ anything. Instead, we’re coming out of two consecutive quarters of growth of 20% and 10%, and our profitability is intact.

What we intend to do is to turn our financial stability into a useful offering for those who did not have the same chances that we did in the initial phase of this crisis. We hope that our health will be useful to the brave few!

If you would like to join this exceptional program aimed at getting through the chaos, then let’s talk.

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