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Pentalog IT Internships: Bridging the Gap

Floriana Scanteie
Floriana Scanteie
Digital Marketer

Summer’s heating up and so is our calendar! With educational activities already well underway at a number of our offices, Pentalog is proud to offer students an array of IT internships and professional trainings at our delivery centers worldwide.

Through hands on trainings, internships, tech meetups, hackathons and partnerships with universities, Pentalog gives students a leg up over their peers to succeed in today’s business and technological environment.

IT Internships - Summer Internships

Here are some of Pentalog’s educational activities this year. Wanna find out what’s coming up next? Contact us!

During Pentalog summer internship programs, we train young IT professionals in the fields of software development and testing. Lasting partnerships with colleges and universities in Romania and Moldova help us continue to improve the learning experience of our participants.

We believe that an internship is the crucial factor in bridging the gap between education and employment.

As the number of trainees within Pentalog grows annually, these young people’s results in their professional lives continue to make us and their teachers proud.

Focus on Education

Dedication to continued education is one of Pentalog’s core values. We are happy to have colleagues with a genuine desire to give back by working alongside our students as mentors & trainers in support of the programs we develop with the schools and the universities as partners.

Our roster of programs for high school pupils and students this summer consist of:

  • 5 Pentalog delivery centers who offer internship programs in Romania & Moldova
  • 80+ Pentalog mentors
  • 250+ trainees
  • Training in technologies such as: Front-End, Java, .NET, PHP, Testing, Mobile, Python, etc.

PentaStagiu – Trainees Learn What it’s like to Work at Pentalog

PentaStagiu, the largest internship program in Romania and Eastern Europe, continues this summer with its 4th module. The free 20-week intensive program to learn Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Mobile Android, Front-end, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis or Mobile iOS SWIFT offers the opportunity to learn & work alongside our dedicated mentors.

During the first 3 modules (March-June), students participated in specialized workshops and trainings. Starting July, they learn to work in an Agile team, with access to the latest methodologies, frameworks and tools.

In Iasi, there are 126 on-site trainees and 34 remote trainees to date.

As interest in the above technologies continues to grow, we’ve implemented a remote e-learning solution for students in Suceava, Bacau & Galati. One month later, Brasov’s remote PentaStagiu program starts, with a focus on .NET & QA. Until now, from a total of 12 webinars, 9 have been completed with the help of our colleagues in Brasov, and each webinar had between 15 and 40 online participants. We will continue improving this program as we know remote learning is an invaluable tool to many.

High School Pupils and Students Learn to Code with Us!

It’s never too soon to start coding! That’s why, at Brasov’s delivery center, we have launched the “Estival Experience” program for the 4th year in a row, dedicated to high school pupils with a technical background. They will join us this summer to learn to build applications with the help of our colleagues.

Our student internships in Brasov are focused on teaching them how to use .NET and Java. From previous experiences, we always had the pleasure of working with proactive, enthusiastic & passionate students.

The internship program in Chisinau is a 2 month training held for 10 students to learn front-end (Angular), back-end (Node) and DB (MySQL).

Cluj’s Pentalog delivery center welcomes students interested in PHP, JavaScript and Python this summer. They will have the full support of our colleague-mentors for 2 months in learning to create applications.

Bucharest’s office developed an internship on Python, C/C ++ & Java. Here, students will build an embedded system that collects and processes sensor data. Participants will familiarize themselves with Arduino development boards and different bus concepts and Bluetooth communication.

Never Stop Learning!

Busy times lay ahead but we are grateful for the endeavors we took on! We are honored to have the opportunity to meet spectacular young minds who will no doubt make their mark on society. Helping them become better IT specialists and carve their career paths is our main goal and we are always happy to learn the good news whether they choose to stay with us after graduation or seek other professional opportunities in the country or abroad.

Follow us on this adventure! Learn the stories and the outcome of these internships through our Facebook page. Look for the #neverstoplearning hashtag and check out all the Pentalog trainings, workshops and events dedicated to learning new things.

Feedback from our Trainees

“I applied for PentaStagiu because I wanted to develop the skills required for a business analyst job. It sounded appealing to me to benefit of a well-structured program to reach my goals and the fact that the program is offered by an IT company. Now, after a while since we started, I can say that the experience is one that has exceeded my expectations. I liked that the trainers are very well organized and they successfully manage to transfer significant knowledge. They constantly involved us in different activities and challenged us to evolve. I consider that the knowledge received offers me the confidence to apply to any junior business analyst position.”Alexandru

“I found out about this internship opportunity at the ICT Career Orientation event in Chisinau. After speaking with my colleagues from the university, I learned that the interviews and the online tests are pretty difficult. So, to be accepted for an internship program within Pentalog became sort of a challenge for me. It’s been three weeks since the internship has begun and I like it very much. The team is very friendly, our mentors are very helpful and always encourage us to ask questions. I’m sure that this internship will help me acquire better web development, team-working & soft skills.”Andreea

“Since I’m a trainee in Pentalog I had the opportunity to participate and to engage in various activities not only with my fellow – interns, but also with the staff of this company. I enjoy the interaction with everybody and I appreciate that mentors offer us advice to evolve. All students should benefit of such an experience, it is great!Vadim


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