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Penta911: a new type of team building by Pentalog

Catalina Murariu
Catalina Murariu
Product Owner

The team building / training held at the end of May in partnership with SOS Attitude, French non-profit organization that offers emergency humanitarian aid, is just one in a series of out of the pattern events that Pentalog plans to organize in the near future. On this particular occasion, the SOS Attitude heroes joined our 65 Pentaguys at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains for an intense training on natural disaster management.


Pentalog and SOS Attitude teamed up for a weekend to teach our Pentaguys how to react in case of natural disaster and how to offer first aid to victims.

What motivated us to do it? Our quest for a more meaningful involvement in the 21st century context, the feeling that we should align more with our core values of lean, knowledge sharing and efficiency as well as our constant curiosity and urge to take action when the situation requires it. In fact, this team building did not just happen by chance. It is a normal response to the ever changing worldwide context, increasingly marked by natural disasters, political changes and terrorist attacks.

During 3 days, our SOS Attitude organizers coming from France and our Pentaguys coming from our different Romanian delivery centers and the Republic of Moldova camped in the mountains and learnt together how to react in case of natural disaster, offer first aid and mount tents to offer shelter to victims.

The result? An experimental Penta911 emergency support line to be set up soon in the Balkans that will allow us to intervene in case of flood or earthquake, real threats that this region has been faced with in recent years. We are also analyzing some other forms of digital collaboration with this French association that offers help anywhere in this world.

Special thanks to SOS Attitude for the time and effort invested in this training and to our Pentaguys that chose to leave the comfort of their homes for 3 days of madness and not so favorable weather conditions in the wilderness.

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