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Three Ways to Improve Click-through Rates Without Losing Customer Trust


Click-through rates (CTR) are a ubiquitous challenge for email marketers. Marketing automation can help track clicks, but increasing that percentage above industry standards can be tough. Throughout my experience as an email marketer, we all need to understand the customer’s mindset. Because businesses want the attention of their prospects and customers, bombarding customers with messages can make them feel overwhelmed. Click here! Click here! DID I SAY CLICK HERE!?

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What can we do to get customers to click through our emails? The answer is simple: earn their trust.

That’s it? Really? Well yes! Wouldn’t you open your front door for someone you know and trust? Same idea goes for email. Customers open the door for businesses they trust. In time, they’ll eventually open their wallets. In the following three ways, you’ll learn how to improve your click-through rates so your prospects and customers trust you.

1.Never send a broken link

Links in emails should always work. Sending broken links to your email list will surely put a dent in the customer’s trust in you. Customers will become weary of the future links you send them. When setting up emails in your marketing automation platform or email service provider, be sure to always test your emails. Test your links in different web browsers, email service providers, and especially on mobile. Some marketing automation platforms, such as Marketo, even let you do all that within its platform. Also, you want to test the workflow sequence of a typical customer. Within your marketing automation platform, test each linked asset. By testing each email, landing page, and download link, you’ll know if your customer will encounter a broken link. As long as you keep testing your links, you’ll be sure to keep your customers’ trust.

2. Use Powerful CTAs

A call to action (CTA) is the most important factor in getting people to click through emails. Whether it’s a button or a hyperlink, the CTA needs to be clear. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the customer supposed to click on?
  • What is the action you want your customer to take? Download? Subscribe?
  • How can I make this CTA relevant to the customer?

Without a clear CTA, customers will become disinterested and most likely stop engaging with your email. A powerful CTA can grab their attention and keep them focused. More importantly, if you’re getting them excited over something you’re offering, they’ll like your company and trust you.

A great way to get more action on your CTA is to use the same language throughout your email. For instance, you can repeat the CTA in the subject line and in the body of the email. “Download a free eBook” in the subject line lets the customer know what to expect. If this is added in the body copy, it can reaffirm what the customer is getting. It adds more power to the CTA button that reads “Download your free eBook now.” The repeated message emphasizes action you need to take. Powerful.

3. Give the people what they want

In today’s digital world, customers are accustomed to getting things for free. Whether it’s a free mobile app, a free white paper, or a free product, in addition to whatever you were buying, free things have become the norm.

Giving away products or services is wonderful when gaining exposure. People like “free.” However, the “free” product or service better be up to par with quality. Nobody likes their meat undercooked, right?

Without a product or service that people want or even need, there’s no guarantee of clicks. Lackluster promotions will give the impression that you don’t offer anything of value. When people assume there is no value, you can say goodbye to their trust! Ultimately, give the people what they want and you can count on them clicking-through your emails.

To sum up, don’t focus solely on your click-through rates; focus on building trust. First, offer something relevant and of value. If it’s practical or desirable content, there’s a good chance people will click. Second, don’t forget to use powerful CTAs. Clear instruction and exciting language will give customers that extra push to click, click, click! Finally, make sure all your links work!

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