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Mobile Marketing: What Companies Do to Become Industry Leaders

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

Mobile marketing is a staple of any coordinated, multi-platform marketing campaign, especially for professionals working in e-commerce, who together determine sales exposure, volume, and continuity for all online businesses.

The MGS (Mobile Growth Summit) is the trendsetting event for all of mobile, retail, and mCommerce, with leaders across sectors featured in attendance to participate in speeches, expositions, breakout sessions, and networking to empower veterans of the industry to get ahead of the curve with mobile marketing campaigns, new tools, and new strategies in the new year. Conference organizers expect the program will empower the next generation of professionals in these three areas across the country.

MGS hits San Francisco this year and companies across industries expect to be in attendance at what past attendees have called “a must-attend for any mobile marketer.”

Mobile Marketing - Digital Growth

Mobile marketing is a powerful tool to accelerate digital and growth strategy for organizations of all sizes. Reach out to learn more about how to customize, create, deploy and implement mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing: A Crucial Tool in Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Any company seeking to gain and retain customers, as well as grow and scale their customer base must use mobile marketing as a primary tool in their customer acquisition strategy. More than half the world’s population owns smartphones—those in developing countries included.

Leading businesses will require not just this tool, but an integrated strategy encompassing mobile, digital, content, and web. They will need to look for skilled mobile app developers and digital marketing specialists who are ready and on-call to answer any need your organization may have, operating with Agility to quickly build your product and craft custom mobile marketing strategies to ensure it reaches its intended audience.

Attending MGS San Francisco this year will arm you with the tools to succeed in today’s mobile marketing environment. And, partnering with Pentalog will equip you to put your insights gained at the conference to use in building out mobile solutions to your company’s marketing needs. Learn more about how to work with the Pentalog platform. Contact us!

Supercharge this year’s growth strategy with integrated digital marketing.

For your digital strategy, reaching the right audience for your product or service depends on having the technical know-how to choose the right channels and engagement platforms, the agility to do so quickly and to audience specifications, and the expertise to craft the most appropriate business strategy around client needs.


Mobile Marketing


Integrate marketing automation into your mobile marketing strategy to accelerate this process.

Marketing opportunities come from the outside in: the market must tell the marketer what clients want most, and the marketer must decide how to quickly get clients to purchase their most-wanted products and services. Founding effective mobile marketing and advertising campaigns will depend on the ability to predict, validate, and integrate these customer sentiments into an overall strategy.

AR/VR, POS-oriented security AI, blockchain, and cloud computing this year will power the most successful mobile marketing and advertising campaigns, driving data collection, analytics, user acquisition, monetization, retention, engagement and re-engagement. This means professionals in mobile marketing and advertising must either learn these or use tools that can automate these tasks to save agencies time and money.

The diversity of markets in just this short list means that your organization will need to take advantage of automation-powered systems utilizing these technologies to reach key KPIs and achieve client goals on time and above expectations. Human marketers can no longer do everything on their own.

UI and UX will be kingmakers in the 2019 meta-market.

Preventing security breaches, maintaining data integrity, and procuring quality analytics are enterprise clients’ chief goals, yet using the wrong interface and providing the exact opposite of mobile-friendliness in terms of user experience can have serious consequences.

Mobile marketers should focus on adopting UX and UI solutions allowing them to create fluid, immersive experiences that will keep users connected to your apps longer irrespective of the device they choose to navigate. It all starts with defining a clear product vision and then fostering an engaging user journey through every step of the interaction with your app.

Digital advertising carries everything.

From social media advertising and Google ads to native advertising, mobile marketers need to fine tune their campaigns through proper audience segmentation, goal setting and unique multimedia content.

Mobile marketing’s digital advertising component is only complete once the market insights (customer personas, segments and buying preferences) heuristics, and data about target end users are collected and analyzed. Once done, they are organized into a targeted program to reach pre-specified, highly-researched target end users, testing performance with numerous metrics to measure the effectiveness of different approaches to getting people’s attention. Once an approach generates the best results, it is replicated over the remaining life of the campaign. You cannot have effective advertising without experienced talent and proper tools.

Learn more about Pentalog’s digital advertising solutions

Mobile Marketing Success is Just a Tap Away

Success in mobile marketing depends on using the right tools:

  • Content aggregators – crowdsource visual content from mobile media platforms
  • Mobile-friendly web design – formats like Responsive
  • Mobile apps
  • Embedded video
  • Efficient advertising campaigns
  • Secure transactions and data protection algorithms
  • AI, VR or AR-enhanced user experiences

This year, MGS will teach mobile marketers how best to prioritize their goals with respect to these tools, ordering the content appearing on mobile sites and apps in ways that bring users through a journey designed to grab their attention and secure their buys.


If you need advice or guidance on setting up your mobile marketing strategy, our consultants are ready to help you build engaging mobile apps and craft efficient digital marketing campaigns. Contact us today!

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