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Embedded, Wireless, Internet of Things, mobile: Pentalog has signed 4 contracts in 3 months (nearshore).

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

In three months, Pentalog has signed 4 contracts with new clients in the field of electronic products, both mass consumer and professional oriented. We are particularly pleased with the contract we signed with a famous French start-up, which is now acknowledged the world over in the field of the Internet of things. It is with their mobile applications that we are going to support them. One of the other two clients operates in the fields of defense, transport and health, and, as part of our long-standing collaboration, we will supply them with embedded applications on the X86 architecture.The third company is a spin off of an important electronics group in France, which entrusted us with the embedded development of a wireless equipment to be used in distribution. And the last one is a well-known giant in the Gaming universe, who has entrusted Pentalog with the development of Android applications used for sound, coupled with equipments for its range of products.Our engineers are really enthusiastic about most of these recent commercial developments!

These contracts joint with the activities in embedded telecommunication and M2M have lead to a staff increase to 150 people within the Industry Business Line. To date, our clients are French and Swedish companies. Paradoxically, Pentalog is still awaiting its success in the embedded field in Germany.

With a strong focus on embedded, mobile systems and M2M projects, Pentalog remains at the cutting edge of these fields. This technological ecosystem enables our clients to develop complete and integrated systems, combining carefully designed ergonomics with exceptional performances achieved with low electricity consumption.

In the coming weeks, Pentalog is going to launch its white paper on offshore development of embedded technologies!

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