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Embedded World 2011: 3rd and last day at the trade show

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

Thomas Wendel, Pierre Jean Cayzac and I have been joined by Sophie Lelarge. We are therefore leaving the trade show on a high note, with an increased number of visits: 9 potential customers who are very interested in our business model, our offices and our research tax credit agreement. We have also gathered information on the exhibitors’ latest developments, like: QT, QNX, Windows Embedded, IS2T, SYSGO, Xiling, RadCase, Magillen, LabView, MathWorks and so on. The trade show has once again lived up to its promises!As far as I am concerned, I have noticed a clear tendency towards the interoperability of embedded systems, which are increasingly modular and can easily be reused. The Hardware/Software boundary is becoming dimmer and dimmer with the powerful arrival of FPGA-based solutions.IMG_04581IMG_0264

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