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Mobile World Congress: Android, Samsung, Huawei, HTC

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

With Apple missing, the whole community of manufacturers , as well as Google with Android, went all out to display their products. In particular, the Android stand has everything it needs to seduce geeks including an invasion of green little men, a moving belt displaying 300 devices using Android, a special corner for gamers and a … toboggan.DSC_0048-300x201 DSC_0050-267x300As for manufacturers, Samsung has, in my opinion, the largest stand in the showroom with a special place for presenting Galaxy Notes. Thus, the stand looks somehow like Montmartre with dozens of draftsmen commissioned by Samsung in order to caricature the visitors using the Photoshop application and the associated stylus. Great public success.DSC_0041-300x201On that note, I took advantage of the presence of Nicolas Latte, designer in Barcelona, to ask him to test the tool. First contact has been an easy one and Nicolas has been rather seduced by the feeling very close to a pencil or a brush. Nevertheless, a professional use of this tool is not necessarily possible and one may deplore the lack of a vectorial tool similar to Illustrator, in order to completely subdue graphic artists. (video to come)Huawei challenger has also gone all out by displaying its products in a space digitized from the floor up to the ceiling. The only problem is that its offer is a little poor and we are left wanting more.DSC_0054-300x201We ended our first little tour with a visit to HTC that presented especially smartphones equipped with a double camera for 3D with quite impressive demos.DSC_0056-300x201The sequence will come today or tomorrow with Asus, LG, Acer and Windows!And I can hardly waitto attend Keynotes by Eric Schmidt (Google)

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