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5 Reasons to Hire Freelance Service Providers

Vincent de Jonghe
Vincent de Jonghe
Deputy CTO Pentalog Freelancers

The workforce is evolving. Will you fall behind or keep up with employment contract trends?

You know them. You see them in your local cafés and co-working spaces, beaming down at their laptop screens with intent from black rimmed glasses. The soft but determined “tap-click-tap” emanating from their keyboards seems to go a mile a minute, only stopping between sips of coffee as black as those glasses. You know who they are – they provide the world with freelance services.

While not all freelancers spend their time in these kinds of placesthey all represent a movement away from the traditional workstyle we’ve grown accustomed to – the office. And, although this group seems to be a relatively new addition to the workforce, freelance service providers are the fastest-growing labor group in the European Union – their population doubling from 2000-2014 and predicted to triple by 2020 in the US.

In spite of the fact that freelance services got their start as a rebellion against the 9-to-5, contract work is becoming highly valued and sought after. More companies of all sizes, including worldwide enterprises, are looking optimistically ahead to a time when no stigmas are attached to hiring freelance service providers.

Companies are not only bringing freelancers aboard to complement their own tech teams. Each one of these businesses has thought long and hard about the strategic benefits behind their choice.

Below are 5 reasons companies opt for freelance services.

5 reasons to hire freelancers

1. Priorities

As the latest generation to join the workforce, Millenials represent a huge culture shift when compared to their Baby Boomer and Gen. X counterparts – especially in the avenue of priorities.

While the latter grew up accustomed to the notion of working hard at a single company for 30+ years in order to gain seniority and a pretty pension, a sharp economic change has Millenials and Gen Z’ers placing value on things like work/life balance, traveling and maintaining freedom with a flexible schedule.

That’s not to say everyone will forego full-time work anytime soon. But, there is a high possibility the coming generations will prefer working as “solopreneurs” than to be tied to an office.


2. Access to top-tier talent

When the word “freelancer” pops into mind, so does the tendency to associate this role with someone who might be considered a “Jack-of-all-trades”. Although, I’d like to object and say this isn’t necessarily always the case, freelance service providers are sometimes equipped with a wider skillset than 9-5’ers.

Wait! Before my full-timer friends click elsewhere, hear me out. By not being tied to similar daily tasks, freelancers essentially have to pave their own path and get their hands dirty in as many projects as possible to sustain revenue. In turn, most of them gain access to several projects in various industries, acquiring bits of top-notch expertise in those fields along the way.

Hiring freelancers on this basis of their niche experience can help skip the learning curve when coming aboard your project.


3. Cost-Reduction

It’s true, freelancers can be pricey. But, if you look at the big picture it’s less expensive than you think. If your company hires a full-time employee, you are responsible for providing several benefits aside from payroll alone, such as health insurance, paid time off, sick leave, and pension. On the other hand, freelancers are basically solopreneurs, therefore you’re not obligated to provide them with any benefits. Unless you want to – and it’ll be appreciated.


4. Team Extension

Picture it. You have a great team, business is booming – you’ve landed a challenging project and now everybody is working full steam ahead. However, in time, the work load is proving unbearable. Your team is stressed, exhausted and on the verge of burning out. Hiring someone new seems like a possibility, but you only need someone new for a short period.

You do always have the option to recruit new employees and specify to them that their employment period will be seasonal. But, how many people will put effort into applying for a full-job that’s temporary? On top of that is the issue of the learning curve.

A freelancer, on the other hand, is used to (and prefers) this type of contract. They look forward to all the upcoming opportunities. In addition, because they have plenty of experience from previous projects, their onboarding process is much shorter and can jump right in to aid your team.


5. Focus on your business’s core issues

Sometimes, you can’t do everything – and that is more than alright. It’s almost impossible to be in charge of every single task of your business. Let’s say that you need to develop a website, but don’t have the required knowledge to start the project.

Would you rather put your current burning tasks aside to start something new? Or hire someone who can hit the ground running?


Finding the right freelancers – tackle staffing challenges with Pentalog Freelancers

Although I have listed plenty of arguments why you should consider hiring freelancers to boost your strategy, there is also one issue I haven’t addressed yet – how do you make sure you’re hiring the right person? There are several platforms with good reviews and some you know by word of mouth, but how can you guarantee what you’re paying for? This is where Pentalog Freelancers comes in.

Aside from having a private community of 40,000 freelancers, all of them are screened and assessed by our seasoned Talent Acquisition Specialist. Additionally, what makes Pentalog Freelancers different is the fact that we won’t just recommend any freelancer.

We first ask details about the project and based on the description we offer a shortlist of freelancers that match – this way, you will only talk to freelance service providers we think fit the bill.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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