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“Working with freelancers helped us win more opportunities,” NEOBRAIN’s CEO said

Alexandre Vallin
Alexandre Vallin
General Manager Pentalog Freelances

Having successfully raised $3.658M (€3M) in its seed round, NEOBRAIN began working with freelancers in 2020 to enhance its market-leading artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Faced with growing demand for AI solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, this French HR tech startup built a team of tech freelancers and full-time employees to scale their product.


How Did NEOBRAIN Scale with Freelance IT Talent?

To save time and quickly hire developers with deep knowledge in PHP Symfony, JavaScript, and MySQL, NEOBRAIN turned to Pentalog. There, the client found access to a database of nearly 40,000 vetted freelancers and a team of recruiting experts. In just one week, NEOBRAIN received the profiles of three senior full-stack developers who were ready to start the work.

The client hired the three freelancers as suggested and asked for four additional freelancers: two full-stack developers, one data engineer, and one product manager. In just one month, the client already had a team of seven freelancers, who started developing new functionalities, in place.

Freelancing has helped NEOBRAIN gain more opportunities and continue its growth.

“Freelancing helped us win more opportunities and continue to grow. If it wasn’t for this arrangement, we couldn’t have managed all the business contracts coming our way,” Paul Courtaud, NeoBrain’s CTO, said.


Why Work with Freelancers?

As NEOBRAIN has seen, there are a variety of benefits to working with freelancers. These include:

  1. Time is money and some opportunities never return.

Working with freelancers gave NEOBRAIN the edge over its competitors in changing market conditions.

By adding senior freelancers, with skills the team was previously missing, NEOBRAIN was able to further develop its AI solution. This tool has proven its efficiency during the COVID-19 crises to identify employees’ talents in a company to make the most of their potential.

Thanks to AI, the platform assesses the skills of each employee and then proposes a career path adapted to his or her situation.

  1. You can hire senior tech freelancers quickly.

Hiring a freelancer with a high level of maturity and autonomy takes between 1 – 2 weeks. In comparison, it can take 6 – 9 months on average for a company to integrate a full-time employee from the day they decide to apply.

“When you have an important project and need to move quickly, it’s interesting to have immediate access to freelance expertise that can be mobilized in a few days,” Courtaud said.

  1. Freelancing is a less expensive option.

Compared with the expense of finding, hiring, and then providing a full-time employee with a salary, working with freelancers or contractors can be a less expensive option.

NEOBRAIN has seen that freelance work is efficient. The company has built a hybrid workplace that integrates both freelancers and full-time employees into the team.

In addition, NEOBRAIN says that there is no difference in commitment between full-time employees and freelancers.


Ready to Grow Fast by Using Freelancers?

Pentalog Freelancers has helped various organizations hire top tech freelance talent. We assess hard and soft skills to find the best fit for your company.

If you would like to work with the best software development experts, get in touch with our talent sourcing consultants.


We’ll walk you through our processes and we’ll present to you the most suitable freelancers to successfully scale your business.

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