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Recruiting the Best Freelance Candidates: Five Ways to Guarantee the Success of Your Project

Vincent de Jonghe
Vincent de Jonghe
Deputy CTO Pentalog Freelancers

Any business knows how important candidates are to the success of a project. The right applicant can help your business move forward quickly, while someone with even the slightest lack of skill can derail the realization of your business’ vision.

When just being good is not enough, it might be the time to trust your job to the best freelance candidates on the market. Now you may be wondering: “How will I choose the best freelancer  for my project?” I’ve got your back! Here are several ways to guarantee the success of your project with the right professionals.

best freelance candidates

Judge a Book by Its Cover

Judge a book by its cover and a freelancer by his or her profile. When sorting through the best freelancer profiles, every detail on the profile page matters. While you’re scanning the profile, take note of the available information – it might come in handy later. Pay attention to:

  • Full name
  • “About me” section
  • Hourly rate
  • Specialty
  • Skills


Think a Few Steps Ahead

In the context of developing a business idea, strategic thinking can instantly enhance your business productivity and growth. Keep in mind that it’s beneficial to establish a long-term collaboration with talented professionals. So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this person curious and dedicated?
  • Does this person’s experience match your project’s needs?
  • How did this person contribute to his or her previous projects?
  • Will the freelancer fit well into your existing team?
  • Can you meet the freelancer’s expectations?


Haste Makes Waste​

We know that today, time is the most precious resource – we can’t get enough of it. But, working faster without a proper strategy can sometimes do more harm than good. It’s important to keep in mind that you should never sacrifice quality for the sake of agility, so focus on finding the right fit for the job.

By the way, do you have a plan for what you need from your potential freelancer? It should include details like the definition of a product’s functions and strategic planning. Now is the right time to start sketching your plan; otherwise, you’re wasting your own time and money.

Selecting the right people and establishing a good working relationship might take time, but using a SaaS platform will significantly speed up the process. A SaaS platform:

  • Sources developers based on your needs
  • Has access to thousands of profiles
  • Uses your selective criteria as a guide

How are you planning to assess your developers? Don’t waste your time and effort! SkillValue’s assessment platform will do it for you!


Lay the Foundation

Even though you decide which candidate to choose, remember that the best freelancers are always attracted to the first-rate job listing. There’s no need to stress over it, though, all you have to do is make sure that your job description:

  • Is well-written
  • Contains clear objectives
  • Has all of the essential details


Get Right to The Point

We all want transparency during the project development cycle, right? But you can’t achieve a high level of transparency without communication. Right from the start, it’s important to describe your project clearly, and during the discussion, briefly review your expected results. And, of course, remember that despite their flexible schedules freelancers usually are very good at managing their time, so schedule meetings in advance for when you’re both available.

If your newly recruited freelancer is engaged and responsive, you’ll be able to build a solid, long-lasting relationship. As a result, the best freelancer profiles will greatly help you achieve your goals and contribute significantly to setting new ones for the future!

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