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Pentalog summer meetings: shape your IT strategy for this fall!

Pierre Peutin
Pierre Peutin
Chief Data Officer and Accounting / Financial IT Systems Consultant

Summer is usually a more relaxed period when one can make the time to work on those important files so much neglected over the year. Also the perfect time to take a breath of fresh air and serenely define one’s direction, projects and goals for the fall.

All summer long, you have the chance to talk to our sales managers and consultants and shape together your IT strategy and debate on your IT topics of interest.

The strategic choices you make for your information system should not be solely decided in-house. Get expert advice and boost your project.

Book an appointment now and get answers to all your questions!


Book an appointment with Mircea Popa:

Software publishers, e-commerce,front and back-end development,nearshoring


Connected objects, embedded systems

Technology choices,development optimization,audit, IT outsourcing

Infrastructure services, 24/7 monitoring,Big Data,development support

 This summer as well, your Pentalog sales contacts will have no vacations. Take this opportunity to meet them!

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