IT offshore press review week 02/2012



Welcome to the IT offshore press review. I think we should start with this question: do we really need new programming languages? Have you heard of Dart, Ceylon, Go, #F, Opa, Fantom or Zimbu? It’s just like people are trying to reinvent the wheel. But let’s see what are these new languages and then we will continue with our other subjects. Enjoy!

10 programming languages that could shake up IT (January 3, 2012, IT World)
Bart Perkins: Is social connectivity friend or foe to corporations? (January 6, 2012, Computer World)
UK IT professionals face nearshore competition (January 6, 2012, Computer Weekly)
Gartner: Enterprise software spending to rise by 6.4% in 2012 (January 5, 2012, Computer Weekly)
IT industry attacks plans to ditch GCSE work experience (January 6, 2012, Computer Weekly)
CES Unveiled reveals little about tech in 2012 so far (January 8, 2012, ZDNet)
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U.S. Report Sees Perils to America’s Tech Future (January 6, 2012, CIO)
7 Signs You’ve Outsourced Too Much to IT Service Providers (January 6, 2012, CIO)
Wo sich Deutschlands Zukunft entscheidet (January 3, 2012, Wiwo)
Die neuen BI-Herausforderungen (January 9, 2012, Computer Woche)
Outsourcing ändert sich massiv (January 5, 2012, CIO)
ERP schwach – CRM boomt (January 3, 2012, Computer Woche)
8 Beziehungstipps fürs Outsourcing (January 3, 2012, Computer Woche)
Was aus Outsourcing-Trends wurde (January 5, 2012, CIO)


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