IT offshore press review week 50/2011



Gartner considers that IT budgets and responsabilities are moving out of the control of the IT departments and into the hands of others, due to consumerization and cloud computing, among others. That is the Gartner vision for 2012 and the coming years. Don’t miss the other subjects of today’s IT offshore press review.

Gartner Predictions for 2012: More Cloud, Consumerization, Loss of IT Control (December 2, 2011, CIO)
Offshoring comes under bipartisan attack in Congress (December 9, 2011, Computer World)
Mobile device management — what you should know (December 8, 2011, Computer World)
Twitter unveils redesign, touts ease-of-use (December 8, 2011, Computer World)
Making industrialisation work (December 2011, Computer Weekly)
SOA paves way to ‘postmodern’ software regime: Gartner’s Anne Thomas Manes (December 11, 2011, ZDnet)
4 Facebook Security Tips to Stay Safe in 2012 (December 8, 2011, CIO)
Beware Cloud Computing Advice from IT Research Firms (December 9, 2011, CIO)
Inflationsangst in Deutschland wächst (December 8, 2011, Capital)
Cloud-Services aus Deutschland (December 9, 2011, Computer Woche)
IT-Budgets der Unternehmen steigen (December 8, 2011, Automotive IT)
Bilanz 2011: Ist nach der Cloud vor der Cloud? (December 8, 2011, Silicon)
ERP-Systeme – zu langsam für das Business? (December 7, 2011, Computer Woche)
ITK-Branche will Frauen als Manager (December 5, 2011, Automotive IT)


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