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2009 annual report (first version)

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

This is perhaps not the final version, but it is fairly complete. You can compare from last year’s version. This little exercise allows you to have a public record. Let’s say that for 2009, it is good. Pentalog gained more business than it lost. Only the pace of the new business has been slower, affecting the profit margin in 2010 rather than 2009. But we are now certain it will be again in double digits in the first quarter. At first we were a little alarmed by the weight of our first client, even when the eventual growth was reduced. For a moment, we thought it would reach 18-20% of our sales but it was finally reduced to about 13.This version may still evolve a little before the final release. But for the reader of the blogs and social networking tools, it is normal to give them a sneak preview.2009 annual report– 50% growth in sales when the overall performance in IT services is -6%- N° 1 of the French-speaking IT offshore / nearshore business in France- N° 1 in Nearshore business in France- N° 2 on the Romanian IT outsourcing market- Among the top 10 of European nearshore companies- EUR 13.5 M in sales- 458th company in Europe and Middle East for positive growth in 2008, according to Deloitte Technology Fast 500- double digit profitability ratio, up 50%- Doubling of the overall profit margin- Opening the Pentalog Vietnam offices in February, with over 40 employees in December- First operations in digital television- Rate of time & material operations reduced to 10% of the productive workforce in December- 60% of actual sales came from competency divisions (in multi-year contracts), 20% in time & material, 10% in consulting, 10% fixed price.- 80% of production staff is evaluated on a daily basis, using 25 to 40 criteria points- Progressive deployment of production metrics on projects- EUR 0,6 million spent on training- 32 people trained on project management this year- 169 people trained on quality awareness- 152 people trained in French and English- 541 people were trained (that is to say 100% of the permanent staff, + 100% of those in the Pentalog incubator)- 77% for overall customer satisfaction (75% corresponding to “very good” and 85% “excellent”)- Too low an index of internal satisfaction: 61% (66% = good and 50% = fair)- The overall number rose from 290 to 430 employees- 100 people were recruited in Romania and Moldova- Specializing in Telecom: 40 engineer for ST-Ericsson mobile platforms (lower layers), 15 people for LHS-Ericsson billing system, 8 people in internet services for CityVox (Orange group), 3 BI consultants for Orange Romania, 6 people for the management of web services for Nordnet (Orange Group, web access control, management services and equipment).- 26% of our Sales were signed outside of France (30% of foreign sales in Romania, 40% in Germany and 30% in Switzerland, Austria and Moldova).- 128% German revenue growth to EUR 1.6 million- 65 000 hits per month on Pentalog sites up till year end or 2200 hits / day! This figure does not include videos on web sharing sites- 50 000 downloaded catalogs – Offshore prices for Pentalog services in Europe- 12 new customers monthly- Dependency ratio: the first customer represents 13.6% of sales. This figure is rising.

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