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Since 2004, we have been operating Centrex solutions. These are IP mutualization solutions using PBX. Last year to increase our agility for the services provided by using this platform, we have also internalized it. We are operating presently with Asterisk from which we have several SIP trunks in order to have greater outgoing redundancy.Among our many possibilities, there is also the capacity to make a web-call-back from our websites. In the next version of our corporate web site, visitors will be able to enter their telephone number and if it is in a country covered, and not black-listed, our centrex dials the number, the very moment one of our personnel lifts the receiver. This is a Web-Call-Back.But for the present time, we have integrated our websites with a SkypeCall function. We have just deployed a Skype gateway between our Asterisk and Skype. It takes the form of an Asterisk extension with which we have configured with an internal number (with our extensions) and the access parameters to our Skype account. When a call is received on Skype from our website, the call is routed to the gateway and where it rings on all the telephones extensions in the company. The first person to pick up the telephone answers the call. The Skype caller account name is indicated on our telephone. The call then can be routed into our internal network. For example, the call could be transferred into our conference system.This gateway can also make calls to Skype. Asterisk has been configured so that each Skype account name also has a specific number. The operation is then inversed in regards to the previous function.What is the advantage of this solution for Pentalog and for our clients?From the website, it is obviously easier to establish a more direct, and immediate contact with the visitor. A question, a project, we can be easily reached with a click of the mouse from a computer equipped with a Skype configuration.For our clients, it can also mean a free call from their computer. This will allow us also to limit the use of Skype, which still poses a few security problems.In the end our clients gain in supplementary reduced costs and a new communication method.

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