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A new organizational chart to gain additional market shares during the new financial crisis

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

As I already announced this summer, Pentalog appointed a second managing director, Monica Jiman. For someone like me, who loves basketball and rugby, it is rather like when a basketball team plays with two leaders or a rugby team has resorted to a second fly-half. Since we are in the midst of the World Cup, I’ll stretch this rugby metaphor even further, wishing that Monica and I had the same fate as Catt and Wilkinson, crowned world champions in Australia in 2003!Throughout the summer, Monica and I worked on our selection, and, believe me, given the quality of our options, it was difficult to make choices. But we managed to build our major team at the end of last week. We have thought through all the aspects of this issue: pure immediate effectiveness, policy (nationalities, town of origin, technical and functional backgrounds, partner/non partner, etc.), long-term strategic issues (knowing that the uncertainty level has never been so high), and, of course, we had to take all these into account. However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed and which we claim once again: reliance on organicity, more precisely on finding as many in-house solutions as possible. Everything is possible when supported by a team of 700 enthusiastic people with an average age under 28.Monica (Deputy CEO-RUN) will chair the Group’s Executive Committee instead of me. She is a member of the Chairpersons Committee as well. Being in charge of the back lines, she will be supported by several company seniors (in alphabetical order):- Manuel Damian, who joined Pentalog in 2002, is promoted from the position of Delivery Center Manager in Brasov to COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the group, in charge of the Delivery Centers, production management, recruitment and training. Being a partner, he becomes a member of the Executive Committee.- Aleth Delcenserie, founding member, former Quality Manger, still holds her position and takes over the R&D method (for production) and the software information system under a new name: BIS (Business Intelligence Service). Aleth is a member of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors.- Aymeric Libeau still keeps the Group’s technical infrastructures management and the Corporate Services. As he is an acknowledged specialist in infrastructures, additionally, he takes on the development of the Pentalog Group Cloud Computing offer (several news items will be published in the following days and weeks). He is a member of the Executive Committee, Chairpersons Committee and of the Board of Directors.- Virginie Picault, CFO, remains in charge of Pentalog’s finances, without any changes, she is a member of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and of the Chairpersons Committee. She will continue to work with me on corporate finance needs and management of equity participation (Pentalabbs).We were overwhelmed by uncertainty in the process of finding a replacement for Manuel in Brasov. I appreciate the aspirations that you have expressed. We have acknowledged the qualities of each of you. In the end, Mihai Bejenariu, from Bucharest, who joined Pentalog a year ago, will hold the position of Delivery Center Manager in Brasov.The training department formerly under the responsibility of the Technical Manager, will be managed by Manuel Damian from now on, in close cooperation with the Delivery Centers. Beatrice Stanescu strengthens her position by becoming Program Manager of the Incubator. Moreover, the technical management team received extended tasks in the context of company’s expansion (see below).Frédéric Lasnier (CEO-DESIGN&BUILD), will chair the Board of Directors and the Chairpersons Committee. In charge of the front lines, my smaller team, will consist of the following:- Madalina Gavrilita for Internal Audit (reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer)- Alexandra Mondanel for International Operations (reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer)- Sophie Lelarge, founder, member of the Executive Committee, will be responsible for the company’s global offer, which will regroup under her personal management the Sales, Technical Management, entrusted to Cornel Fatulescu, the Business Lines represented by Pierre Peutin and Mickael Hiver (no changes), and the Project Directors.- Grégory Rondin becomes the “Pentalabbs” Incubator Manager. He also becomes member of the Chairpersons Committee, in charge of reporting on incubation activities and acquisitions of holdings.Following our clients’ requests, our Technical Management must provide specific offers within the scope of the projects. Therefore, a complete pack of services for production environments will be sold, as well as Technical and Methodology Consulting regarding software production, technical audits and occasional support for implementing solutions. Thus financed and without the training dimension anymore, its specific technological means will increase and diversify. Several new experts will be appointed Technical Management Consultants in the days to come.Therefore, the whole consisting of sales, project managers, Business Lines and Technical Management is regrouped in a wide offer department entrusted to Sophie Lelarge, founding partner. Under the title of “Sales and customer Support”, she will coordinate all the contract management means, as well as offer development and drafting.The marketing management will become a new company. In fact, it will merge with People Centric to set up a unique structure of Digital Marketing, a Pentalog subsidiary in the IT field: Virtual Fanatic. I will write an article on this topic in the near future. There is a short-one already on www.pentalabbs.com.There are still several small modifications in the process of being validated, but they fall within the logic presented here. The current organizational chart comes into force on Monday, 26th September. The marketing teams still remain part of Pentalog at least until mid-November.

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