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A review of the highlights of 2012

Pierre Peutin
Pierre Peutin
Chief Data Officer and Accounting / Financial IT Systems Consultant

This beginning of the year 2013 is a good opportunity for me to reflect on 2012, a year rich in events for the Pentalog Group. This article is not intended as an economic assessment; it just aims at reviewing the highlights of the year which has just come to an end and at finding an easy way to look back on our past through archived documents.Solutions Linux Open Source trade showIn June 2012, Pentalog attended for the first time Solutions Linux Open Source, a European trade show dedicated to Linux and Open Source. This trade show has given our Pentalog Institute experts the opportunity to express their opinions during conferences and round-table discussions on current issues:•Cornel Fatulescu expressed his views during the round-table discussions on the topic “Open Source or SaaS? What are the solutions for emerging collaboration within companies?”eCommerce 2012 Trade Show in ParisThe E-Commerce trade show is the European eCommerce meeting which mobilizes almost 500 exhibitors and places great emphasis on emerging solutions such as the cloud commerce and on the progress of mobile e-commerce and of social commerce alike. On the occasion of this event, Pentalog and Meetic held a conference which can be seen on Pentalog TV, on the topic of “e-Commerce website development: how to optimize costs and reduce the time-to-market”.Pentalog InstitutePentalog Institute, the information systems consulting and strategy department, consists of 30 international experts and provides consulting services by offering two types of high-level offers for decision-makers:•Strategic and tactical offers (reducing costs in IT projects, project turnaround)•Business expertise offers (Banking, e-commerce, M2M, Energy etc.).See the presentation of the Pentalog Institute (in French) in an interview with its director: Cornel Fatulescu.Cloud Software FactoryCloud Software Factory is the virtualization of all the development or maintenance stages of a software product as well as of the related infrastructure within a private, entirely secured Cloud. As they offer security and flexibility and instantly adapt to requirements, the Cloud services are indispensable assets for the information systems. The mass development of connected devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) and new media (fiber optics to the home, applications in SaaS mode etc.) compel information system departments to open their infrastructure in order to meet the ever-increasing demand from employees and clients.To respond to these new challenges, Pentalog has created Cloud Software Factory. In an entirely secured environment, our clients can entrust us with the development of any software solution (web application, eCommerce site etc.). The developments, the tests and the qualification are carried out in the cloud and they are directly related to the delivery and operation stages. Therefore, Pentalog can offer continuous delivery at the best cost.A new Business Model at Pentalog…Summing up all these forces and putting all its offers into perspective, Pentalog can now fully meet its customers’ requirements in the fields of development, maintenance and operation of information systems.This new business model is based on a triple play offer:•Design: Mix Shore Consulting, Pentalog’s historical activity. Pentalog Institute innovates and offers high-end consulting services at low cost.•Build: Offshore/Nearshore (Romania, Moldova, Vietnam) for the development of management applications, software for publishers, web-based trading platforms or for the development of embedded software for electronic products (embedded development).•Run: Cloud Software Factory and Cloud services to manage all your development, maintenance and operating activities in the Cloud.For more information on this new business model, I invite you to see this interview given by Frédéric.… 2 new Project DirectorsIn 2012, two Project Directors strengthened the project management team within the Pentalog Group and joined Séverine, Dan, Jean-Paul, Ludovic, Cristi and Guillaume. Actually, one of them, Sebastian, is a Pentalog employee who has worked for several years on a mission for one of our clients, the Altadis Group. The other one, Riener, joined the commercial office in Frankfurt in order to ensure a local presence, in the same manner as Cristi does in Bucharest.After several weeks of training, they took over the administrative and contract management of several projects, German projects for Reiner and international projects for Sebastian.The Project Directors are an integral part of Pentalog’s nearshore/offshore strategy. They account for Pentalog’s presence on local markets, in addition to the commercial staff, participating in steering committees on the client’s premises. The Project Directors also take responsibility for our clients’ satisfaction and take proactive action even before problems arise.And, above all, 20 new clients in 2012!Finally, from a commercial point of view, with no less than 20 new clients in various fields such as web development, eCommerce (5 new clients), due diligence, mobile development and Pentalog Institute consulting, the company maintains a close collaboration with the software publishers (6 software publishers have become Pentalog’s clients).In 2013, just as in 2012, I have absolutely no doubt that the 800 employees of the Pentalog Group, working at our 7 delivery centers, will once again put all their skills and know-how at your service!

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