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All there is to know about the offshore in time of crisis

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

5% in 2008, 10% this year and 15% according to the forecasts for 2014, the IT offshore is going to triple its share on the market 6 years from now. These figures, provided by Syntec Informatique, are only the tip of the iceberg as they only take into account a part of the offshore operations, as the partially outsourced operations are not integrated.This significant increase in demand for offshore IT services is due to both economic and structural factors. First of all, it was influenced by economic factors because of the economic crisis which always weakens companies and forces them to dramatically cut their committed costs and move towards more cost-effective solutions for the same performance level, of course. And we can say it is due to structural factors because of the democratization of the usage of new IT and communication technologies: social networks, globalization of IT networks especially with Cloud Computing, standardization of Agile metrologies (SCRUM, Kanban etc.) and, of course, the low production costs are as many factors which lead to the breakthrough of the offshore IT.There are many major assets of IT outsourcing, but the important thing is to ask oneself the good questions before embarking on this alternative road and leaving behind usual local cost-plus or fixed-price solutions:What is the relevance of the offshore for my company?What are the key factors and the best practices prior to outsourcing my IT production?What is the most attractive region in the world for my business?And at last, what are the major assets of the offshore service provider of my choice for turning our collaboration into a financial and operational success?If you want to find an answer to all these questions, I invite you to download our Offshore White Paper, available for free download on our IT services portal (in French). In less than 50 pages, you will discover Pentalog’s vision on all these issues related to offshore IT through diagrams, specific examples and commented computer graphics.

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