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Another PM Camp for the core target


Last Saturday, September 25th, Cornel and I, as Pentalog’s technical management, hosted the autumn PM Camp (project manager camp) in Brasov. I am reminding you that this event gathers together the project managers of the office in question in order to provide them with the opportunity to communicate and exchange information. This moment is therefore used to present subjects that are requested during the preparation phase, but also to take note of their problems (customer relations, team management, technical issues etc.), and to share information on these subjects.We began our PM Camp with Lidia’s very clear and dynamic presentation on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Our project managers are indicator providers. The production of their teams contributes to our clients’ performance indicators. This raising of awareness regarding key indicators, their follow-up and analysis allowed for some interesting discussions.Following the KPIs, I presented a subject together with Mathias on Cloud Computing. At first, I set out the concepts, values, market expectations, main consequences for developers and answers that Pentalog may bring. Mathias, on the other hand, provided a more operational presentation on capacities and architectures and made a demonstration of an application deployment on Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Google App Engine. Project managers were very interested in the presentation of this subject, as it allowed them to better grasp a subject of great complexity. Cloud Computing has become an indispensable subject for the architectures of tomorrow. Through this presentation and others to come, the technical management team is preparing project managers to understand this type of architecture in order to better meet these needs, but also to be proactive on this matter in their relations with the client. The technical management is also preparing more operational ETH meant for developers so that they may also be ready for these technologies.In the last part of the day, Cornel (Technical Manager at Pentalog) took over to present the Adaptive Case Management (ACM). This recent approach is driven by the AIIM community (aiim.org) which has been helping organizations for over 60 years to find, control and optimize their information through training, research and better practices. One of their recent studies shows that 75% of respondents use messaging as a support to their workflows/processes and that more than 40% of interviewees think that the main difficulty is adding and changing processes. The ACM approach consists in exploring other ways than the rigid (or too complex) process which only represents a small part of the operation of a company. Process agility must consist in maintaining managed and measured processes that adapt to “real life”.Our next PM Camp session will take place in Chisinau on November 23rd. Project managers have been sent an invitation. Some of these topics will be resumed. Pentalog Project Managers, if you want to present a theme or watch the presentation of a specific subject, don’t hesitate to communicate your wish through the usual channels!

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