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Average Daily Rate invoiced by Country

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

We had fallen behind in the release of this indicator. It is now available again with some modifications.Here are the following Average Daily Rates for each of the countries in which we work. We have made a distinction between Bucharest – offshore, and the division of technical assistance to local clients.France: EUR 460Prices are progressing. This is logical since we have reinforced our team of project managers whose services are invoiced at a higher rate than that of technical assistance services. However this indicator hides many un-invoiced days. We have not yet completed the total invoiced cost for these profiles. Nor has their work schedule been lightened yet; they are regularly solicited, almost daily, for project evaluations for clients or prospective clients.Romania: EUR 175 This figure is just a little below the price of our catalogue for dedicated teams (EUR 180) and so it still remains a competitive price.Moldova: EUR 137Our lowest ADR in Europe which also takes into account a few BPO services. These services are invoiced at around EUR 110 / day, lower than the Average Daily Rate.Vietnam: EUR 91This ADR is well within the range that was anticipated; this rate is for the moment entirely composed of the development of information systems. With new projects expected to arrive shortly (especially in the BPO industry), we should see these rates lower slightly in the coming months.Romania – Local Clients: EUR 256 This is the average fee charged for technical assistance to local Romanians clients. It integrates an average rate for technical and functional experts, as well as for junior developers in the more conventional technologies.The next indicator will be proposed towards the end of October and thus it will focus more on the rates of the 3rd quarter.

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