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Booming BPO business (information processing, data management and contact centre)


During the last months Pentalog has registered a boom in its BPO activities. In December the company used to employ only a dozen of persons working on non-technological outsourcing projects. At the end of April, about 45 team members are being mobilized on 3 types of processes: * desktop publishing (7 positions) * call centre and data processing (26 positions) * administration, financial and accountancy services (12 positions)These successful activities were mainly based on fixed price contracts so far. But they are now also accompanied by dedicated teams (time and material contracts), on a yearly basis. Pentalog has different types of customers in this area: cost killers looking for proposals for their own clients, firms that need to rapidly set up a database, NGO subcontracting their publishing activities. But the company also hosts three customer support centres and a tele-recruitment team working for a start-up company.The major part of those operations is based in Moldova where Pentalog will reach a number of 80 employees in the weeks to come, 50% of them being BPO operators. The others are mainly IT development engineers.The proximity of development, network administration and BPO teams all together is an undeniable asset when a business process platform has to be set up.By the end of April, Pentalog will expand to 230 employees (185 in IT, R&D and infrastructure management) in accordance with its 2008 business plan. Finally, Pentalog will soon launch a website and a brand strictly designed to promote “low cost” services (BPO and Testing).

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