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Democracy Advanced in Moldova

Éric Gouin
Éric Gouin
Chief Operating Officer &
Performance Manager

Friday, August 28, 2009, Chisinau: between 2 major holidays in Moldova, an event of no little importance took place: the Moldovan Parliament elected the Parliamentary President. Of course, this did not happen without some disapproval from the newly declared opposition but at least the result is there: there has been a change in government, and this is a tangible sign of democracy. Those who had called themselves members of the opposition before are now in power, and those who had the power before, now have declared themselves members of the opposition.Of course, there are still a few cranky who will say that everything is not yet done: there is still the election of the President of the Republic, and the formation of the Government. But I say: a free exchange of power took place and we now have an open democracy, no matter what happens, because the Parliament is the real power, according to the Constitution (and let’s not get into a discussion about the constitutional details).The symbol is strong: fixed between the National Holiday (also known as Independence Day: 18 years already) and Limba Noastra Day (to celebrate the return to Latin calligraphy).If the demand for democracy led the debate “to go” / “or not to go” Moldova now that the politicians have shown the ability to the share power; the debate needs to shift more towards:- “What are the new areas that will allow us to generate new wealth for Moldova, in Moldova?”- “How do we finance and what kind of guarantees do we have to support a real economy?”- “When in the future can we integrate into the European Union?”

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