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E-health startup outsources their IT services (Ruby development) to Vietnam

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

A French e-health startup has resorted to a Pentalog Ruby on Rails (RoR) dedicated team of developers for the outsourcing of their IT services to Vietnam. Specialized in the health and medical-social industry, this new rapid growing client continuously develops new features on its websites and launches a new digital service every year.e-health-offshore-outsourcing-startup

IT outsourcing to Vietnam, a solution to the turnover of developers in France

Before contacting Pentalog, the main challenge faced by the startup’s CTO was the recruitment of Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers. He was dealing with both a shortage and turnover of candidates, being unable to meet time-to-market requirements and make quality deliveries.The departure of 2 collaborators made the CTO consider the option to outsource their services. While asking around, someone recommended him Pentalog and contacted us to help him outsource their IT services to Vietnam. The CTO’s testimonial:“I’ve had very good feedback on your Vietnamese teams and thought about using time difference to our benefit to cover some of our internal gaps.”Are you also in need of a dedicated team of developers?Contact me or ask for our price catalog

Our development team in Vietnam meets the startup’s needs

Pentalog proposed to the startup’s CTO a dedicated development team located in our Hanoi delivery center and comprising:

  • a senior French-speaking Scrum Master: the daily contact point of the client’s Product Owner
  • 1 senior Ruby on Rails developer
  • 1 advanced RoR developer
  • 1 intermediate RoR developer
  • 1 Pentalog Project Director based in France, Thierry Plasson

Testimonial of Thierry Plasson, our Project Director for this startup

thierry-plasson-it-outsourcing-project-director-724-429“Our team of Ruby on Rails developers will be an extension of the client’s team, working on the evolution and maintenance of their existing products, as well as the development of new products, APIs, etc…This startup is organized in Scrum and has a Product Owner. Our Scrum Master in Vietnam speaks French. The team uses Redmine and user stories are written in French, which greatly facilitates communication between the two teams.The startup has chosen Vietnam for our competitive ADRs, quality of the proposed profiles and complementary work intervals.”

Our Project Director also offers IT outsourcing consulting advice

IT outsourcing to Vietnam is a first offshore experience for most of our startup clients. The Pentalog Project Director facilitates project kick-off and makes sure that both the client and the teams are satisfied.The Project Director recommends the use of Agile development methods (Scrum, Kanban) or adapts to the client’s organization. He ramp ups a team of developers, testers, Scrum Master… to meet the client’s requirements. He is also in charge of the quality indicators throughout the project life cycle.

A fast ramp-up

It only took us 6 weeks to ramp up a team between the first time the startup CTO contacted us to obtain our IT outsourcing tariffs for Vietnam his validation of project kick-off. It’s what we call a fast ramp-up on high-level resources such as Ruby on Rails and with a French-speaking Scrum Master in Vietnam!Pentalog assesses the skills of the future team in two steps. All the developers of the Pentalog’s pool first have to pass Ruby on Rails tests on the Test01Coder skills assessment platform.The successful candidates then have an interview with Andrei Sajin, senior Pentalog Institute consultant, who validates their specific skills. Finally, the Project Director presents the selected team to the client for the latter’s final validation.This new client project will start in just a few days. Are you a startup, software publisher, digital player etc. that hesitates between recruiting or resorting to IT outsourcing? Contact me and let’s exchange on how we can best assist you with your project.A Pentalog developer in our Hanoi Delivery Center, Vietnam.

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