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Front-End Community: Knowledge Sharing at its best


We build expertise and enhance our skills set together, we jump at any opportunity to grow and we do it as a team! Each Pentalog office has developed a knowledge sharing community for subjects ranging from Agile to Product Ownership, QA and Front-End development. We have slowly but surely brought together a beautiful group of people to create a common space for knowledge sharing and progress. In a previous post, we talked about the Agile Community in Iasi, this post is dedicated to the Front-End Community in Bucharest, one that over the course of a few months has gathered  together over 30 Pentaguys eager to learn together! This well-received initiative belongs to our colleague, Dan V., Software Engineer and .NET and Angular expert, who identified the need and employee enthusiasm for knowledge sharing inside the company.


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Planning is key to knowledge-sharing success

This is the second successful initiative since the ongoing .NET community was established at the beginning of the year. .NET meetups happen each Thursday and are open to anyone looking to develop their skills and get feedback. The common goal for this group is to gain the required knowledge and skills needed to take the Microsoft Certification exam. With this goal in mind, they have put together a roadmap and a detailed list of prioritized topics so as to be as prepared as possible for the exam. First stop – .NET, second stop – C#! Based on these subjects, each meetup is divided into a 50-minute presentation and a 10-minute QA session. The theory and practice go hand in hand, everyone has access to study materials and everyone shares their notes. Every group member has a clear idea about what has been covered and what they still need to keep working on. Our system of organization allows participants to make personal contributions during any stage of the course. The enthusiastic response and high level of engagement in this project have proven its efficiency!

Pursuing a common goal as a team

Based on the results for the .Net community, Dan and our colleague, Sinziana N., hoped for an even larger turnout for the next community they created for Front-End development. Their wish was granted as 30 Pentaguys have registered for the first module of the course, AngularJS. Dan and Sinziana will offer their expertise and encourage the exchange of knowledge between participants focused on each meeting’s topic. The first month will cover 8 topics ranging from architecture to components, starting with reviewing the basics of AngularJS to refresh everyone’s knowledge and to make sure that everyone embarks on their learning journey with the same skill set. Everyone is invited to participate in the debate; we’re counting on a lively discussion as we explore common problems that we all have encountered in the past and want to know how to deal with in the future. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their personal insights and we hope to generate and share new ideas together. After the successful completion of the AngularJS course we will move on to React and NodeJS, we are laying down the ground work for these courses now!

All of this is possible thanks to our amazing colleagues who are truly dedicated to setting up knowledge sharing communities and who have done so in almost every Pentalog office! No matter the technology we focus on, the learning process is based on participant involvement. We are grateful for everyone’s participation and are proud to see everyone’s progress!

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