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Hanoi, I love you

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

It’s been a while since I have written a post on the blog since I became one of the official writers. This is because I need a certain peace to be able to write and this has not been the case lately. Today, it is a quiet Saturday, I am sitting in my living room and watching TV, and I have found the inspiration to write to you and share a few thoughts about the city that I would like to call “the mistress of my life”: Hanoi.I would like to say that inspiration is not born of chance; today, Oct 10 is a special day for the city. We will celebrate not only 999 years of its existence but also the official 55th anniversary of its liberation from colonial occupation.I cannot say that I am originally from Hanoi, because my father was from another town, 80km north of Hanoi. But I was born and raised in this city, I consider myself 99% Hanoian and proud of all its qualities and defects. My whole childhood is engraved with a quiet, peaceful Hanoi crossed by the Red River, with its narrow streets, houses with a strong colonial influence, lakes and especially the bicycles. I would do anything to return to the days when my father rode my mother and me on his bike, there were no traffic jams, no pollution, and no honking.Hanoi in the years 1980 to 1990 Hanoi is like an Asian girl: shy, modest but with an irresistible beauty that you never forget. It can never really reveal all its secrets, and charms. She will win your heart the first time you visit her, you will see her and she will become the love of your life. But like all daughters of the modern world, she has entered a period of puberty, and rebellion. The city is changing every day, growing incredibly fast, and is enveloping the neighboring towns to become one of the largest cities in the world, in size. Traffic problems, congestion and poor urbanization are increasing. Everything is moving faster, and not for the better.Hanoi during the historical floods of 2008 Yet my love for Hanoi has never changed. This city will further develop economically, socially and culturally, to deserve its place in history for a city celebrating its 1000th anniversary. But nothing will stop me from living here, working here and I love the idea that my children will grow up here. I have confidence in Hanoi, that it will still be more beautiful, charming and ever more modern and I am proud and happy to share this love for this city with you through this post.Sword Lake in the center of Hanoi today 10/10/2009 This post has nothing to do with our offshore business and I do not know if Fred will allow me to publish it, but I try my luck anyway. Who would have ever thought that globalization would allow Hanoi, 55 years after the occupation, to appear on the Pentalog map. Only in Pentalog can the Vietnamese work side by side, with the Romanians, Moldovan and of course, the French. Let us put behind us the difficulties in the starting-up of our first draft in the branch; Hanoi is accelerating its development pace. We sent a team to Iasi for a second project, a few weeks ago. Now I have successfully built a great team of 4 people, for the first phase of an internal development project. The pilot project for a client will also start shortly, not to mention the opportunities that have a strong possibility to materialize. In short, we are getting closer to our target, and perhaps with a little luck, we will move ahead sooner than expected, since we have no more enough space in our current premises.Hanoi, I love you! Now I will leave you to join Sophie, Mona and Seb and all the other Hanoians who are in the streets celebrating this anniversary.

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