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Inauguration of “Château des Hauts” and celebration of Pentalog’s 20th anniversary

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

It’s time to feast! On July 3rd and 4th, Pentalog celebrates two wonderful events: the inauguration of “Château des Hauts”, our new headquarters, and the company’s 20th anniversary. Several remarkable speakers will take the floor. Among them, Olivier Mathiot, founder and CEO of PriceMinister, Jérôme Malavoy, CEO of TraceOne, who will tell us the extraordinary story of his digital Quo Vadis, Philippe Rodriguez, President of Bitcoin France, Olivier Siegwart, CTO at Meetic, and Jean Michel Billaut, who has retired but is still a web guru. They will talk about the challenges Europe has been faced with in this digitization war: e-commerce, food market, machines, local and foreign currencies. They will tell us exactly what to expect! These topics will also be approached by other great speakers who will equally take the floor.

Backdrop of the discussions

The strategic leverage effects the American digital economy seems to rely on may allow it to take over 100-year-old European companies with thousands of patents. What about Asia, which thanks to India’s software power and China’s absolute hegemony as a hardware manufacturer, seems to outnumber Europe in terms of assets!

Unfortunately, due to obvious financial and spatial constraints, we won’t be able to invite you all to this unique event in our company’s history. We have only invited our clients, direct partners and associates, as well as some of our oldest friends and supporters. Those who cannot come now are warmly invited during the Heritage Days, when we open the castle to the public. Nevertheless, we will also have the chance to meet again during the afterworks that we will organize later on in the castle kitchens.

In the meanwhile, we can only hope that weather gods will be in our favor for this outstanding event and that this beautiful castle exalts the force, courage and talent of all Pentalog collaborators and associates.

Last but not least, may all Pentaloguians have a Happy 20th Anniversary!Below you can find our 90% firm schedule in detail!Thursday, July 3rd2 PM: opening2:15 PM: speech of Jérome Malavoy, founder & CEO of TraceOne3 PM: speech of Philippe Rodriguez, Bitcoin France4 PM: break, tour, networking4:15 PM: speech of Emmanuel Fraysse5 PM: speech of Paul Pietyra, Director of Nekoé ERI6 PM: inauguration, Frédéric Lasnier, founder & CEO of Pentalog8 PM: dinnerFriday, July 4th9 AM: coffee, croissants9:30 AM: opening9:45 AM: speech of Alexis Mons, ESVP at Emakina10:45 AM: speech of Jean-Michel Billaut, digital guru11:45 AM: break, tour12:15 PM: lunch2 PM: speech of Olivier Mathiot, co-founder & CEO of PriceMinister2:45 PM: incubator debate with Nicolas Colin, co-founder & Partner at TheFamily startup accelerator3:30 PM: break, visit, networking3:45 PM: speech of Nicolas Boitout, founder & CEO of MarketScience4:30 PM: debate with Olivier Siegwart, CTO at Meetic5:30 PM: networking6 PM: closing+ workshops: Cloud, innovation support, agility, HR

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