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Launching of Pentalog.com new website: Contest is done. Result is out!

Cosmina Trifan
Cosmina Trifan
Chief Marketing Officer

New Pentalog.com website was launched on December 2015, and Pentalog decided to run a Twitter contest. Pentalog is proud to announce the results for this special competition.Congratulations to Nabil Benfadel, a young French entrepreneur. Nabil has a strong start-up spirit and already participated in French Tech Loire Valley’s events. We are very happy that he could benefit from this operation.


 You were dozens participating to this contest and Pentalog would like to thank you all. We had people from London, Boston and all kinds of profiles (moms, marketers, developers…even contests addicts!).How did we manage this contest?

like a bird app

Pentalog chosed LikeABird as partner. For the managing of this contest we used specifically Like A Bird APPS, a strong tool to manage contests on social media.Our teams were satisfied about the simplicity of the interface, the backup and client relashionship wde’ve got all along this one-month operation.

An IoT as a prize


As it always has to be a pleasure to give, Pentalog chose something familiar. As as a specialist of the Internet of Things and product partner, we choosed a Smappee device.What is Smappee? Called « your energy buddy », it Smappee makes your home more energy efficient. It is the world’s smartest home energy monitor currently on the market.To be continued…Pentalog will soon share more about the post-contest follow-up.Go check Pentalog’s group new website here and come follow us on Twitter to keep in touch.Article by Sabrina Kecheroud.

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