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Ludovic, 26, Pentalog Project Director


Ludo wrote this post for his fifth Pentalog anniversary… Happy reading!Last July 9th, was a very special day for me, I celebrated my 5th anniversary… My first 5 years with Pentalog. I remember (with emotion? 😉 ) my early beginnings with Pentalog in 2003 first as an intern, and then with my first mission in 2004.When I first came to Pentalog, there was only one offshore branch office in Brasov, and Bucharest was just being opened. But in the last 5 years Pentalog has grown and I really have not seen the time go by nor have I had the opportunity to get bored: I have worked on a variety of missions, each one completely different from the other; administrations, a manufacturer of electronic circuit boards, hospitals, a chicken transporter, mobile phone operator… with each new mission, I also have had the occasion to evolve… first as a developer, analyst, team leader, consultant, trainer, project manager and since last year, Project Director.Another opportunity was given to me to have my own personal Tour de France: Orleans, Bordeaux, Limoges, La Vendee, Le Mans, Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris… No mountains to climb, but some missions that were in a class of their own ;-); followed by the opportunity to make the rounds of all the offices in Eastern Europe. I went to Moldova for the first time in 2007 and Romania in early 2008. But since then I have traveled, going from one branch to another, Iasi, Sibiu, Brasov… This is what I really like about Pentalog, the opportunity to travel, to meet new people (colleagues and clients), to acquire still more experience and skills in a variety of different fields, but also and above all knowing there are new challenges to face. Today I write this post in Sibiu where I have been for the past 3 months and I know I will soon be leaving; I know that new events await me, plans to follow, other colleagues to train, to lead… At 26 years of age, I’m not sure I could have lived this adventure elsewhere but with Pentalog!In any event, this anniversary, beyond this small personal retrospective, was the occasion upon my return to France, to have a “small get together” with our colleagues from the Orleans head office for lunch and then that evening in a restaurant. We were more than 25 people there, with some added guests who came at the last moment. It was a very good evening, perhaps a little less for the server who looked after us, but what can I say?? ;-)Here are some pictures… Again thank you, to all those who came and I will be here in another five years to write another post!! 😉

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