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Moving the branch office in Hanoi


We have just finished moving our Hanoi branch office into their new premises. Having reached our initial objectives, it was necessary to acquire a larger production site in order to allow for future growth. This new office is located 200m from our previous location.Moving branch offices is always critical. We must lose the minimum in production downtime and maintain the same level of efficiency as at the previous office. The established process has already proven successful over the past 15 months: 3 branch offices have more than doubled the production area each time, with an increased workforce of more than 200 people in total. The Iasi branch will once again move in January. It’s always a competition for the branch manager and IT department to keep the delay between the decision making process and the move as short as possible. Presently the delay is on an average 3 months (including finding new premises). The professionalism of this process is essential to ensure a good result: a new operational office, Monday morning after having “stopped” on Friday afternoon.On Friday, all activity stops so that everyone can start gathering their things and putting them into boxes. The infrastructure team dismantles the network elements to be re-established immediately in the new offices. The internet access for our business is the most critical element after electrical power (which is validated when choosing the new premises). This validation always precedes moving. This was done Friday night with the remote intervention of the IT team in Europe. The move would then continue the following day.With the short distance between the two offices, we decided to make this move in the “Vietnamese” manner. We therefore called on 20 people (50% less than a truck) to move all our furniture, chairs and other things. It was the IT team who took care of loading the car and moving our equipment. The move proceeded smoothly, without any hitches, and without any surprises. Saturday evening, all the furniture was in place, the machines were special-list.Sunday was spent completing all the finishing touches: telephones, cleaning, storage of personal belongings, mounting the dedicated hardware for customer service in our server room (expanded to support the VOD project test materials). The new branch offices was now ready for Monday morning to start production as if the premises has not changed. This new office still has an area of approximately 200m ² to be fitted out.Of course, the success of this new move would not have been possible without the preparations of Tuan (branch office Director) and Tanguy (IT) with the help of Thinh (recently recruited). Also, I cannot forget to thank the girls (Tinh Hai, Kim-Anh, Nhung) who helped put the finishing touches on the offices.In the coming days, Tuan will make a video presentation of his new branch office. Let me give you just a quick overview of the new premises.January 08, it will be the turn for the Iasi branch to move, and Greg is almost ready to start the move into the new facilities. The success of this move is unavoidable!

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