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Moving towards a Pentalog HD video-conference solution?


A year ago, I posted a note about Pentalog’s efforts towards reducing its CO2 emissions in our travels. We are moving forward with this project, and it is time to make a progress report.During this past year we have studied many packaged solutions with a “Western” budget. We have also tested extensively different cameras but the quality of the images was not sufficient.In 2009, we used a support solution for audio conferences and more intensively since we took over the management of our Centrex (internalization). According to our compiled statistics, there was an average of 450 conferences per month for an average duration of 26 minutes (since September 2009 to January 2010). When we need the video (for management meetings, and training) we use Skype or Yahoo but the low quality images is a problem. This video is basically used to confirm the people’s presence.These studies, tests and low resolution videos helped define our needs. We need a solution with the following characteristics:• Organization of HD video conferences. I do not automatically think of tele-presence (level 1) but something that comes close to this.• Organization of video meetings in an isolated environment for certain occasions (chat room – small meeting room).• Filming of interviews with groups or individuals in order to supply content for Pentalog TV.• The cameras should be PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom). This means it can be moved on 2 axes and is equipped with a zoom lense. The value of a fixed camera is minimal.• The consumption of bandwidth should be limited, so as not to overload our infrastructure during these video conferences. In order to resolve this problem we will be using standard protocols such as H.264 video which will allow us also interoperability.Recently new models have come onto the market at a reasonable price. I am therefore pushing forward with this internal project so that we can finally reduce our carbon footprint by reducing air travel.Following a market analysis over the past few months, I wonder if there isn’t a place in this market for solutions which lie between Skype and Polycom / Cisco / Tandberg.stand_121_in_hall_11_0

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