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Webinar: Top 10 Tips for Preparing your Next IT Outsourcing Project


IT outsourcing is a solution that can save time and resources, but only if you are ready for it. If you do not do your homework or make the necessary preparations, IT outsourcing can end up being more of a liability than an asset. When searching for an outsourcing partner, you are searching for just that, a partner, and you need to make your choice carefully. In addition to checking if your partner is qualified and ready to work on your projects, it is important to check if you are ready for your outsourcing partner. Pentalog’s next webinar will focus on this topic, and teach you how to select a partner and how to get the most out of you collaboration with an IT outsourcing team.

Is your company prepared for IT outsourcing? Attend our webinar to find out.

Preparing for your next offshore outsourced projectIn this webinar Chris Hote, Pentalog’s VP of United States Operations, will present the top 10 tips that you should follow to prepare your company for an offshore IT outsourcing collaboration. Part of this will include the key questions you need to ask yourself before deciding to use IT outsourcing:

  • Who is my IT outsourcing partner and how to do they communicate and function?
  • What do I need and can my partner keep up?
  • Is my IP protected?
  • How can I make sure that the developed product is what I want?

Overall, this webinar will also discuss how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your potential outsourcing partners, how to build fruitful long term relationship, how to ensure quality deliveries, and more. If you are interested in the option of offshore outsourcing, this webinar will give you advice to help ensure that the time and resources you invest in an offshore team boost the productivity of your company.If any of this sounds interesting to you, sign up to attend our live webinar that will begin at 12pm ET (NYC time) on June 29, 2017. It will include a question and answer period, where you can directly interact with one of our experts to shed light on any of your curiosities or clear up any of your uncertainties. Subscribe even if you can not attend the live webinar and we will send you the replay after it is finished. While you wait, take a look at a few of our past webinars:How Blockchain Technology is transforming businessIs Marketing Automation right for you?


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