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Offshore: Pentalog gets ISO certified!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

We’ve been working flat out on this for a year. But there we are now. Pentalog’s quality management system has achieved certification to the internationally recognized ISO-9001:2008 quality standard for its services. I would like to thank the entire Pentalog team for this, but especially Aleth who has been a tireless, reckless and courageous moderator of this policy. Two tasks were to be accomplished. First, to raise all our systems to high requirement levels and standardize them. But Pentalog is a very solid business which had already been working on building a strong organization for a long time before certification.- mixed centralised/decentralized system for production management (European offices / production department)- low cost production system, which belongs to the top-30 nearshore companies in Europe – sales and recruiting system operating in a “process” mode.We had to be particularly convincing on this last aspect during the audit. We had high-level auditors in front of us, who knew our field of activities very well and who could be rightfully surprised by a system that claimed to sell consulting services electronically and through blogs, using a transparent means of communication on prices and competences. This was a big surprise for the auditors as well as for Pierre de Thélin, who supported us. What about the recruiting process based on joblogs, chatrooms, emailings, social networks and online testing… roughly the same reaction.Pentalog and the French Standardization Office (AFNOR) have just proved that the ISO standard could be applied to a WEB 2.0 company, with hundreds of contributors. The other way round, this proves that the WEB 2.0 can comply to 100% with usual requirements of the standard, in terms of best practices and continuous improvement of our efficiency in order to enhance customer satisfaction. We will see it in a couple of months, but I believe Pentalog has made a great progress where no one would have imagined: in flexibility! We’ve just received the final decision, but our certificate is dated December 24, 2008!I congratulate you all for your efforts. A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Aleth and Pierre. Happy New Year to all of you!

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