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Offshore: virtual tour of the office in Hanoi, Vietnam

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

The month of May was particularly rewarding for Pentalog Vietnam because the team made its first delivery to its first customer. We must say that the office in Hanoi had a very strong production start with 15 people initially, on a large development project using the latest Java technologies. A real treat for the developers who were more accustomed to maintenance projects or coding phases.Whether in Europe or Asia, Pentalog is loyal to its quality mark. The working methodologies as well as the quality assurance system are implemented identically, thanks to the presence of Monica during the first 3 months and to spending 2 weeks at the office of Cornel, our technical manager. The client has expressed his satisfaction but we will not stop there, we will continually deliver better quality to our customers.So many stories and you may be wondering how we are at Pentalog Vietnam? Oh well for you, for your pleasure, we have filmed the videos below with the help of the Marketing Team in Hanoi and Chisinau. Pay attention to the special effects provided by the team of Michael Bay in their free time during the execution of Transformer 2.

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