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Organization of the first PM Camp


A month ago (I’m a bit late with the blog post), Cornel (corporate technical manager) and me have co-hosted our first “PM Camp” in Iasi. The event aims at bringing together project managers (PM-Project Manger) and team leaders in order to offer them a dedicated space for expression. Our project managers are systematically caught in the alert rhythm of their project. This meeting should enable them to raise awareness of technical issues but most importantly to share experience on project management, technical solutions applied, feedback on experiments … This is a friendly moment for them and me and Cornel were there for them.Project managers meet regularly when we organize training sessions related to quality, but the “PM Camp” should be complementary to our quality approach. We are at the crossroad between the organization of a project integrating quality processes and implemented solutions. I have estimated that we will have between 2 and 3 “PM Camp” per year.We began our “Camp” on Friday evening with defining the scope of what would be treated, and then we went to a restaurant to continue our initial discussions. From 9 a.m on Saturday, everybody was present which is normal for project managers.Here’s the agenda of this session:

  • Round table presentation: They know each other but not necessarily their projects
  • Presentation of general security concepts within applications
  • Presentation of the capabilities of Microsoft solutions in terms of managing business processes
  • Presentation of infrastructure resources provided for projects
  • Q&A section on topics they want to discuss
  • After a full day dedicated to addressing these issues, we had an active participation of the entire group. During the synthesis, we had a very positive first reaction to the “PM Camp”. I give you some loose remarks:

  • “I haven’t wasted my time”
  • “The topic on security really interested me. I can apply this on my project”
  • “On architecture, it is nice to see concrete ideas.”
  • “I love the idea of sharing our knowledge in this type of meeting.”
  • “I hope there will be others”
  • “These meetings increase the confidence one can have in our other colleagues”
  • As it is difficult and expensive to gather all project leaders of Pentalog in one place, we will organize the next session in two stages. The first session will group together the offices in Sibiu, Brasov and Bucharest and the other the offices in Chisinau and Iasi.Given this success, we have scheduled the next session for the end of July. The topics are not yet defined. They will be defined in the coming weeks.

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