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It seems that the month of December was an anniversary month for Pentalog. Frederic told us two stories: the history of the war against nature that the Pentalog Family had fought and won and the story of the birth of Pentalog in Romania, both in 1999. I should not forget to mention the pride I felt that my hometown had been chosen for this birth.But Frederic forgot to mention that December celebrated also the birth of the first French and English versions of Pentablog Pentalog blog and That’s how the Web 2.0 adventure began in December 2005. In December 2008 we launched the Pentablog.I still remember some other dates related primarily to the use of Web 2.0 tools within the enterprise.I read recently that companies are still reluctant to participate in the web community. The decision not to get involved is due to the lack of understanding of these tools and the lack of time. Yet Pentalog took the initiative to launch itself into the web. We understood the benefits of controlling our image on the net with the social networks and we’ve taken very seriously Linkedin, Viadeo, Xing, Facebook and Twitter, because the e-reputation of businesses also depends on their presence on these social networks, a marketing tool which is almost free and rich in possibilities.March 2008: Pentalog began to make its presence known on Viadeo. April 2008: Pentalog became visible on Twitter through the profile of Frederic.May 2008: we started using more and more Linkedin to communicate in English.From June 2008 we began to communicate in and now we do it in German also.For the past two years, very rich in experiences and challenges, Pentalog began using more and more Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Plaxo, along with the tools already mentioned.Another source of pride: this year the team that manages the image and communication on social networks has grown by 2 people, which means that Pentalog now has a team of the secret agents communicating in four languages (French, English, German, Romanian) and ensuring that the information concerning Pentalog is properly transmitted and the image of the company is impeccable.

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