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Pentalog adds 800m2 to its production capacity in Iasi, Bucharest and Hanoi

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

3 moving announcements and an extension this week. Who can ask for better?- In Iasi, in eastern Romania, we have no less than doubled the size of our unit there, which will soon reach 800M2 in the most beautiful building in the downtown area. Iasi is now spearheading Pentalog in Eastern Europe and is already home to the developments that we are undertaking for LHS Ericsson (Frankfurt), Juwi MacMillan (Hannover), but also for those of Nordnet (Orange Group, Lille) , Mousset (food logistics, near La Roche sur Yon). The branch, which opened in August 2007, is already at its third address in the Moldovan capital of Romania.- In Bucharest, due to the growth of the team involved with our client, ST-Ericsson, Pentalog has taken another 130 m2, bringing its total area in the Romanian capital to 350 m2. We now occupy an entire floor in the Diplomat complex on Sevastopol street. We therefore will retain the 1ha park that the whole world envies. This could follow with a beautiful commercial announcement in the coming weeks.- In Hanoi. We just signed for an additional 350 m2 adding to our one hundred meters in our current location. The 200 m2 where we first began, no longer could accommodate the 3 projects we are launching in the coming weeks. Do you remember, a few weeks ago, I was talking about two or three new projects … but last night I received a call from a new client who told me he had chosen our Hanoi site for the industrial testing of his product line (I will soon talk about this). In other words, the site of Hanoi will keep its promises in the first year … frankly it’s nice, especially with a new opportunity, albeit a small one, has just appeared and my little finger tells me…In all, that makes how many m2 in management anyway? More than 4600m2, in 8 cities, 600 on the average, ½ hectare! It was worth a few negotiations, n’est-ce pas? In Hanoi, we passed from $ 18 to 10 per m2. In Iasi, we gained 20% while improving on the quality. In Bucharest, we earned a small euro, or 5.5%. Remember that a Euro saved is about € 7 gained per employee invoiced and per month. We, therefore are talking about € 30 000 per year for the group, 2% of the operating margin… for a small Euro of negotiation. In Hanoi, we won 5 and Iasi 2! We also renegotiated our lease in Chisinau and economized 11% in the Moldovan capital.Congratulations to the Branch Office Managers for the quality of these operations that have provide us with better working conditions while enhancing our profitability.

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