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Pentalog Datacenter moving to a new step


There we are, the papers are signed and the technical teams have started to work on this project. We are moving to a new step in the strengthening of our hosting platform.To sum up the story, Pentalog has been equipped with a hosting platform since 1999, with LEVEL3 at that time. After several years in Nanterre (near Paris), and then with NetCenter 9 in Courbevoie (near Paris), we migrated our equipment to the NetCenter in Orleans at the beginning of 2005 in order to enjoy more proximity, having regard to the migration of our platform towards a blade center based infrastructure.Our needs have expanded since then. We need more bandwidth, more sturdiness through a double transit; we need escalation capacities and we need to access peering points in order to interconnect with international operators.So off we go! After a selection phase we accepted the offer of Dimension Telecom / Alphalink. They knew how to find solutions and precise answers to all our issues. We are a small company (230 employees among which 200 in our offshore offices) with operators needs. After working with the most important operators on the French market (FT and then 9Cegetel), we now work with an operator of our size who can thus better understand our needs and bring us effective and financially acceptable solutions. We are only at the beginning of our relationship but we are confident that we are dealing with real specialists.So why a new platform? The migration of our former platform to the blade center allowing virtualization ensured high availability of our server infrastructure and most of all almost totally remote administration. More recently we integrated a storage bay in order to increase our storage capacity to several Terabytes. With this new platform we will have the following services at our disposal:-Internet transit through two redundant links of 100Mbps bringing 200Mbps in operational service.-Access to local xDSL loops to interconnect our clients with our platform for a higher security level in our development projects and in facilities management activities.-Possible interconnection with international operators in order to establish a direct connection between Paris and Bucharest in order to have our services converged (voice, video and data) on a dedicated and secured link of 100Mbps. It’s the next step.-Even it may not seem very important to som of you, we have integrated a tool to follow-up our platform’s power consumption. I will come back to this subject later because it is an important issue for Pentalog.We still have a lot to do, the support team in charge of deploying and managing these solutions as well as top-level managers are aware of that. The coming projects Fred mentioned and the ones that we expect with our clients and prospects will fully benefit from these new infrastructure capacities.

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