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Pentalog is looking for potential partners in India


New travel, new countries, and the Pentalog strategy this time will take us to India…Just about a year ago we were preparing Fédéric and Virginie’s fist trip to Vietnam, after a thorough study of several destinations that could receive the next new branch or subsidiary of the group, and help complete Pentalog’s offshore development strategy and contribute also to the company’s growth… We had launched a few weeks before a similar call on this blog to connect with people in Vietnam and China. Now, a year later, Pentalog Vietnam is our first subsidiary in Asia, which already has 25 employees!In the continuity of development plans established in 2008, Frédéric is now preparing to spend some time in India, to study more precisely the opportunities presented by this huge country, with its pool of unique IT skills.The purpose of this trip is to assess the country’s ability to service customers in embedded computing in the industrial sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, and defense. The question of the French language will of course be the center of our attention and we are aware that this is a requirement that is not easily met. But amongst all the French expatriates and Indian engineers who do speak French, there are necessarily those experts in our field of expertise and interest.Frédéric plans to travel to Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pondicherry and Mumbai. We therefore look forward to our first contacts with IT French entrepreneurs or French people living there, and or young French speaking project managers and IT experts. The trip will take place in early November. Contact us if you think you would like to play a role in this project…


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