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Pentalog in London: Gartner Outsourcing and IT services summit


On June 15 and June 16 I will attend for the first time the Gartner Outsourcing conference in London. With 4 other Moldovan companies from the IT & BPO sectors, we will have a booth representing the Republic of Moldova.When one notices where this event takes place (a big London hotel near Hyde Park), who attends it (managers of major European companies), and the cost if only a visitor badge (over EUR 2000), one can easily imagine that such a prestigious event is not necessarily within the reach of SMEs… The organization and financing of this booth by ICTAM “Information & Communications Technology Association of Moldova“, is an interesting opportunity that we have seized in order to introduce ourselves to the UK market and promote Moldova, which is the most competitive Outsourcing destination in Europe.There is a program of speeches with various professionals, the opportunity to talk individually with Gartner analysts; this only lasts for 2 days but they will certainly be busy and teach us interesting things!

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