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Pentalog Vietnam is recruiting an Office Director in Hanoi


Pentalog Vietnam, the Group’s first Asian office, created in 2008, currently employs 60 people making up several teams which will continue to grow and develop their competencies on the short term. Pentalog employees in Hanoi are involved in major customer projects, as well as in the activities carried out by Pentalabbs, our innovation and incubation structure.After having become more than an offshore production centre for our European customers, Vietnam is also opening doors towards a nearshore market in the Asia-Pacific region, another growth leverage for the Group. We have already launched a concrete prospecting campaign in Japan, which will be considerably strengthened over the following weeks and months. These projects will require all our attention at local level and we are going to need further support in managing the office on a daily basis. Tuan, our young Office Manager, with whom we made contact on this very blog a little more than two years ago, has successfully built and trained this wonderful team for which we have great ambitions. He will now continue developing it, but in a different manner, by finding new customers and partners for Pentalog Vietnam. He will take over commercial activities for the Asia-Pacific market.This is therefore a call for applications: if you are Vietnamese and familiarized with European culture (or vice versa), if you have several years of experience in project management and IT outsourcing, if you have already dealt with HR issues, then you might be our future Office Director in Hanoi… You can write to us at jobs.han@pentalog.fr!

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