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Pentalog will close its first quarter in 2010 with a growth rate at least equal to 20%


In this climate of considerable uncertainty which characterizes the beginning of 2010, the Pentalog Group is maintaining a provisional growth rate of at least 20% throughout this quarter. This figure is slightly insufficient to meet the objectives of the plan 30-2013, but will meet and even exceed the objective of the plan 14-2010, given the exceptional prevailing activities throughout the year 2009 (+50%).In January and February, business has been particularly hectic with the conclusion of several new business affairs in France, Germany and Austria. In France, Pentalog has signed an initial deal in January (for a fixed price project, to be developed in Hanoi, Vietnam), which will start in February, with a company from Sofia Antipolis. Production operations also were launched with a leader of free ads in Paris (to be developed at the Competence Center in Iasi, Romania) and with a software company in the tourism sector in Lille (with development also at the Competence Center in Iasi, Romania). Furthermore from Lille, a subsidiary of a well known telecom operator has placed an order with Pentalog to put into operation a small new Competence Center in PHP along with another-one in Java. With clients in Ile de France, in the West, South West, South, Southeast and Northeast, our operations now cover almost all of the French territory.In Austria, Apa IT (the IT department of the Austrian Press Agency) who is already a Pentalog client has ordered a new Competence Center, to be located in Sibiu, Romania.In Germany, LHS-Ericsson (Frankfurt) has also increased the size of its Competence Center and this is being done in two stages, going from 12 to 25 employees. 6 new engineers have already joined the team in February.The total number of business proposals established in the first quarter could exceed the previous record and it will help sustain a higher growth rate. All the new sale services and online references are definitely having their effect. An innovative and user-friendly assistant allowing a customer to browse the key questions when looking at offshore services. At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive your proposal and at the same time you will be able to make an appointment with a Pentalog director. At any moment during this process you can save your data, to return to it later in a secure and authenticated zone. This site assists you in your process of purchasing IT offshore services.
You’ll find completely transparent rates for all of our available services in EUR and USD, for time & material as well as fixed price projects. You can even create your own dedicated team.- www.madeinoffshore.com:This site contains some of the Pentalog client references. These case studies illustrate the experience Pentalog has in projects that go from ten man days projects to 10 man years projects. All our success stories can be sorted by type of services, by industry, by team size, country or type of project.madeinoffshore.com

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