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Pierre Peutin
Pierre Peutin
Chief Data Officer and Accounting / Financial IT Systems Consultant

Cloud services are becoming increasingly widespread within companies, providing flexible and easy to implement solutions, where business activities can be run independently in terms of project management, freeing themselves from the Information System Departments. This growing trend is fueled by the suppliers of Cloud services themselves which address business activities directly.In order to avoid that the information system goes quickly out of control, the Information System Department must anticipate the requirements and provide a range of Cloud services adapted to the business needs. This is the way to maintain global coherence while benefiting from the Cloud advantages.Today, in the light of the above, I entice you to discover our 4 new offers of Cloud services available on our site www.pentalog.com:

  • CLOUD SOLUTION FOR SME/VSE: an offer specially targeting SME/VSE, by which Pentalog offers you the opportunity to make substantial cost reductions by transferring your IT infrastructure to a Virtual Private Cloud.
  • E-COMMERCE SITE HOSTING: A partner of the most important e-Commerce players on the French market, Pentalog provides assistance from creating to optimizing and hosting your site based on the hosting pack for e-Commerce sites, offering progressive service levels and complementary applications to add to your online store.
  • CLOUD TELEPHONY: Pentalog acts as a true virtual telephony operator and enables you to sharply lower your communication costs!
  • HOSTING AND CLOUD SERVICES: Create your own virtual data center in a completely secure private Cloud and run your applications and your information system with ease.

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