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RevSquare now a part of the Pentalog Platform

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

RevSquare is now part of Pentalog, strengthening our digital marketing offer. Together we are ready to play in the Champions League of the digital sector!

Pentalog and RevSquare have decided to join forces and walk the same route together. This NY City agency, also based in Paris, was founded by a group of French and American media veterans as well as a group of technical and scientific experts from MIT and Columbia. RevSquare specializes in content creation and automation but has equally developed strategic offers in other booming fields such as marketing automation and OTT (TV Over The Top, including the creation of the web TV channels). They also have an impressive portfolio of prestigious clients: The New York Times, France 24, The Economist, Essec and PlayBac to name just a few, as well as many U.S. startups like ReachMD, which recently won the Gold Award for Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand of 2016 at the prestigious Medical Marketing & Media Awards (MMMA).

How does this partnership impact the Pentalog digital platform and its clients?

Pentalog is already the number 1 European provider of IT and HR services for new digital leaders and startups (recruitment, organization of hackathons, development services (maintenance and R&D), cloud service management, technology for equity). However, RevSquare comes in to provide Pentalog with a strike force in the market segment where we need them the most: digital marketing. Together we are going to build new business machines for our clients, able to convert web traffic into transactions better than anyone has ever achieved before. We have done this in the past for our BtoB clients, but thanks to RevSquare we are now able to do it for our BToC clients as well since our marketing automation tools are now more sophisticated and/or available.

Our cloud software publishers, e-commerce and web platform clients will benefit from services that integrate tool and product design into their marketing design strategies. In a context where a brand must also play a role in specialized media, the ability to simultaneously build a product, its marketing strategy and its media creates a unique opportunity that no one can better enjoy at its full potential than with the RevSquare & Pentalog alliance.

Existing Revsquare clients will now be able to rely on Pentalog’s technology acceleration roadmaps. In fact, many of Revsquare’s clients have already been benefiting from Pentalog’s resources. Now, they will enjoy the same services, but with an extra touch of magic.

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What is the common offer?

RevSquare will continue to operate under the same brand, but our alliance will move our highly operational (quick response times) and highly scalable (large and complex projects needing Pentalog’s development resources) Content to Sales offer to the next level. Pentalog is already familiar with product ownership, even in the marketing environment. Now we are upgrading our services. We propose a global strategic design of digital business solutions to boost our client’s sales figures. Our commitment at global level is a one-of-a-kind asset on the market.

We will soon launch a new business line, a unique offer in our sector that separately, neither of us was able to offer before. We will make available to our clients a set of Marketo, Hubspot and Exact Target services via our marketing automation center in Bucharest. Our professionals there speak both English and French and will provide you with a higher level of integration services than what you are used to receiving from most agencies (including RevSquare).

Our purpose is to solve an important problem: the lack, cost and availability of qualified staff trained on these tools. We want to help clients that struggle to find expert skills or that find them at very high costs via this specialized service center that will be available in either dedicated or shared mode. The global marketing offer of the Pentalog digital platform will be as follows:

marketing automation

According to the new configuration, the Pentalog Group includes:

  • a cumulative sales figure of over $32M in 2016
  • 1 000 people (with 230 additional people, 200 of which are part of a pure organic growth)
  • an annual growth of 45% of its sales figure (32% pure organic growth)
  • a double digit margin
  • 6 R&D centers in Eastern Europe and Vietnam
  • 4 consulting and expertise centers in Western Europe (France and Germany) and U.S.A. (New York and Boston)
  • An investment portfolio of 25 startups via its Pentalabbs startup accelerator (read their success stories: Ruedelapaye, Easyflyer, Bluefox, Sharalike, etc.)
  • 350 startup clients and new leaders in the UK, U.S.A., France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, etc.

    Download Pentalog price list!

    Download Pentalog price list!

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