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Seminar: “How to Manage Change”

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Last weekend, Pentalog held a large seminar in Brasov, presented by Pierre Thelin, about “how to manage change”.The Pentalog strategy has given rise to several questions. First, having gone far beyond our expectations, we have been obliged to grow very quickly. We will have crossed the landmark of 500 employees in the next 3 months, in comparison with the 100 employees we had less than 4 years ago. Thus a regular training program for our executives has become a necessity. We can not content ourselves with simply being aware, and depend on individual efforts. We need to go faster.Similarly, in our strategies, we have anticipated this development over the past several years and have devised a very innovative business model. Because of this, and it has become perfectly clear in our internal satisfaction surveys, that our staff do not always understand these changes, which has limited their adherence to the company strategy. The Production Engineering (productivity, metric system), cloud computing, are still only words in most companies, when they presently represent 40% of Pentalog projects, tools and methodology.Therefore, last weekend, we worked on it and proposed to 23 of our managers new communication methods to help our collaborators and partners (clients), understand the changes involved in our growth and strategy.

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